Michelle Gayle - Looking Up 2009

Kerry_Rance said:
Hiya. I can't believe the hate for Michelle. What has she ever done to you guys? If she had burst on to the scene 10 years ago she'd have been as big as Leona but things were different then, but you're probably all too young to remember. She's a good looking girl with a great voice and a lot of love to give, and she's still doing it for the sistas. Good luck to her.


Michelle?? Is that you??? If so, I think you should return to EastEnders as pop just ain't for you.
Maureen said:
Kerry_Rance said:
What has she ever done to you guys?

About as much as she's done for the music world: the square root of fuck all. She didn't even do that well with her first 'stab' at the charts. Why on Earth would anyone be interested in more from her?

Love this! Hilarious.
Tribal Spaceman said:
I still have her earring from when it fell off and Sgaggy "boombasticed" it off the stage at the Radio 1 roadshow.

Her earring fell off when she performed "Happy Just to Be With You" on Top of the Pops as well.

As did Annie Lennox's when she performed "Right By Your Side".

There were some seriously good mixes of Do You Know and Sensational being played in the clubs back in the day. she had once jokingly spoke of forming a new 3 piece with her mates Kelle Bryan and Kele Le Roc after Kelle was dumped out of Eternal - I kinda would like to have seen that!