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MIDSLASSHAR: The Slasher Cinematic Universe Is Going Airplane Art House Horror

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Petty Mayonnaise, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. btw y'all have until noon EST to decide which one of you gets thrown into a pit of spiders or whatever
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  2. Mess that’s very quite gay takes it up the pooper.
  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    RIP @Mirwais Ahmadzaï, we shall get justice for you.
    Here's a pic of me and two fellow tourists that I haven't bothered to learn the names of yet looking utterly crestfallen at the length of the queue to the gloryhole.
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  4. The psychic gone in the first night is very

    RIP @Mirwais Ahmadzaï - you smelled nice did you have time to check anyone cause if so I can organise a séance and have a chat yeah? xoxo go girl
  5. Well, this is fucking horrible.
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  6. [​IMG]

    What the fuck are we supposed to do now?
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  7. Sam


  8. The psychic's gone and I have to try and convert EST to BST? Doomed.
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  9. May I ask how were the roles assigned @Petty Mayonnaise
    At random?
    Who would cause the most mess?
    Our placements in the gloryhole queue of @johnny_tsunami ?
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  10. The amount of gay vultures sniffing around my carcass's inbox rn!!
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  11. What even is this - are you all that concerned with your image that you're afraid of making a mess?

    Fine. I'll start.


    hey @Sam what's good x
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  12. People liking posts in here but ignoring my DMs hhhhmt.

  13. I'm in the middle of a work shift but I want to get my vote in before noon so I'm going on my suspicious hunches and casting a vote.

    VOTE: @Beautiful Child 2
  14. I picked the people who sent the nicest hole pics.
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  15. I'm sorry my hole wasn't enough for you.

  16. There seems to be ejaculations of information going on in the background and I'm here high on organic poppers dancing with my new friends, blissfully ignorant to whatever you hoes are planning

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  17. Are you out of your mind? Throw a random vote out based on “hunches” while also letting us know you’re in the middle of a work shift so you don’t have to explain yourself.
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  18. Me being told that "everyone" has seen the transcript while the only thing I've got in my inbox is pictures of Johnny's punani... wow, wow Bethanny... that's... WOW.
  19. We are all listening, heifer. Explain these mysterious “hunches”.

    The fact that we have always kiki-ed and worked together on this show over the years and now you want vote for me straight out the gate without sending a single DM. Kiss my ass and my anus.
  20. WAIT.

    So I checked my DMs again and uh @johnny_tsunami did in fact DM me. I guess I owe daddy a big, big apology.
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