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MIDSLASSHAR: The Slasher Cinematic Universe Is Going Airplane Art House Horror

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Petty Mayonnaise, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Me finally getting on my computer to realise that one of the only people I even spoke to about this game died first.

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  2. vote:
    and that's why I don't like you.
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  3. The circumstantial tea has been served and the doubts have been pushed to the back of my mind with a shot of whatever it is they serve here before an orgy.


    Vote: @Sam
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  4. Hmmmm the timing of this vote just as everyone in the UK has to finish work is a bit iffy
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  5. Do y'all have about an hour and so far we have

    Beautiful Child 2 - 1 vote
    Sam - 1 vote
    that broke image @ufint posted - 1 vote
    If only y'all also had the last 12+ hours to discuss!
  6. I guess since I have nothing to go on, I'll also vote @Sam

    But I'm open to changing my mind
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  7. I uploaded it to another site now. Does it work? If not
    VOTE: @johnny_tsunami
    No one comes for my beautiful child without there being consequences.
  8. Wait I thought Sam hadn't posted today but he has. Still don't have any viable alternatives though?
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  9. I forgot to mention it at 4 am, yeah shucks.
    I'm tempted by the faintest whiff of Sam tea, and it's honestly been a while since he was last a cultist...
    But I might just chuck out a vote at a newbie, only to see them react.

    Hiya @fatyoshi Hen? Or Cultist?
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  10. It does work, but just a heads up, when using imgur the photo will work if you remove the S from https://
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  11. Remind me why we are voting @Sam?
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  12. UK sisters that aren't Terminus since she's already bitching, would it benefit you girls to have an extra hour or two? I wasn't thinking about it being 5PM there, and it really doesn't matter to me either way.
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  13. peer pressure
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  14. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    There's conspiracy theory videos on YouTube that'll help you to decode that poonpic, sis.

    I'll vote Sam.
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  15. I thought I was making a valid point, I won't bloody bother in future.
    I'm ready to vote, for now...

    Vote - @fatyoshi as she's been a fucking quiet girl who hasn't posted since roles were announced, but has been viewing other parts of our forum.
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  16. Unless there's some psychic tea floating around I'm not aware of, I guess it's just because he was the very last person to contribute to the thread between the roles being revealed and the slashers slashing, and quiet people are the usual targets early on.
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  17. Vote: @Sam

    Let's get him, girls.

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  18. I've been in here more than once since roles were announced. Do what you want but you don't have to lie xx
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  19. The information I've received is basically nothing but that's the only thing I have to rely on for this vote so I'm voting @Sam as well.
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