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MIDSLASSHAR: The Slasher Cinematic Universe Is Going Airplane Art House Horror

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Petty Mayonnaise, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. @Rommers randomly changing his random vote to another random vote

  3. Day One

    The first full day of Midsummer festivities includes quite the array of activities. Nillness peruses the brochure, "Who wants to come with me and watch September perform some traditional Swedish folk songs?" "I'd rather go see all the old people jump off the cliff." says Dangerous Maknae, sipping some of the special mushroom tea being offered by the locals. fatyoshi looks around, clearly confused as per "Shouldn't we be more concerned about figuring out who killed Mirwais?" Sprockrooster sighs "I mean I'm really just trying to relax and enjoy this vacation, but I guess that IS a bit concerning." The unrest among the homos only increases, the girls throwing out names and accusations. Whispers grow to murmurs which grow to public condemnation. Our misguided heroes throw one Miss Samantha Du Jour at the mercy of the commune. "We promise she's 72 years old just like the other elders. Her surgeon just does impeccable work." The leader of the commune, Swedish superproducer Max Martin, isn't one to ask too many questions. He's looking to get through this gruesome cliff business so he can get to the lunchtime Buffet. He throws Samantha in with the other useless olds as they ascend to the peak of the mountain, only to throw their decrepit, sinewy bodies onto the rocks below one by one. "Please! This is some kind of mistake! I haven't even reached gay death yet!" she pleads, but the words fall on deaf ears as the two muscular young men who accompanied the elders simply shove her over the face of the cliff. Samantha's young, supple skull opens like a watermelon on the rocks at the bottom, her limbs broken at unnatural angles as her wallet falls open in the dirt. An ID is clearly visible, showing a country of origin.
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  4. .

  5. Oops. Sorry, Samantha.

  6. The @reporter right now:

  7. Sigh. Well the odds were always in a way that a non-slasher would be killed. Thank God it was not a special role. I guess the slashers are having a kii now when they planted evidence in the transcript that was suggestive for Sam's involved and we walked right into that trap.
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  9. Cultists you have until 6PM EST to make your choice.
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  10. So the PHD student is already dead and we just accidentally killed one of our own?
  11. This is not... ideal.

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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. yeahyeahyeah been knew been knew. This alway happen. We get it omg you so shocked, you big tourist, you not cultist, how this happen. Well guess what, Mimi? You next.

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  15. I wonder how the Swedish Exchange Student voted that round?
    Did they join the steamrolling, or did they sneak in an extra vote somewhere else?
    We'd love a vote tally as the cultists prepare their next sacrifice, our most generous host @Petty Mayonnaise
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