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Mighty Hoopla (g-g-gay day festival)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rhombus, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. So tempted!
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  2. I still need to sort my tickets!
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  3. Come daddy
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  4. So I'm in London for the Spice Girls and bought a ticket for this.
    I'm travelling alone so hopefully I'll meet some PJ locals and not be a total loner.
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  5. Okay how has this passed me by? I need to see queens Samantha and Tove immediately!
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  6. [​IMG]

    Let's join forces
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  7. Though I know it'll only be the girls I would absolutely DIE if this is a one off full line up reunion of Liberty X.
    This trip started out to see the
    Spice Girls and now I'm managing to see Will Young and the Mighty Hoopla acts as well.
    My teen/early 20's self will be living his best life with all of this Brit Pop.
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  8. I've just got my custom Cathy Dennis T shirt ordered!
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  9. So y'all think that we're gonna be treated some new music from Miss Mumba and Jamelia?
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  10. Got my ticket on my email today
  11. Travelling across the world for this and Spice Girls. Can die happy now.
  12. Looks like there's a few of us doing the same!
    I'm coming from Australia by myself.
    We should all try and organise a meet up lol
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  13. Mighty Hoopla is so so so good, and I normally don't even care for festivals. The vibe is totally relaxed, last year I spent the day mostly around the smaller stages, wherever you go you'll either find some amazing drag performances or someone like the Vengaboys and it's just so FUN.

    I was on the big ride
    with my boyfriend while TLC were singing Unpretty and it was magical, we run down and joined the crowd in time for Waterfalls and it felt like we were all part of one big queer family.

    It's one of those days when your face hurts in the evening because you've literally not stopped smiling all day.
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  14. This is on my birthday this year and I asked my friends if they wanted to go to Gay Hoopla. They googled it as they didn't know what that was.
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  15. Can I see it?!
  16. I wanted to go, but none of friends wanted to, it’s a shame because the line looks incredible...

    Last years was great, this year looks like a right pop banger!!!
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  17. Join me and @AussiePopstar (and possibly @jamesyboy ?) on this pop journey
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  18. I’m not fussed about the lineup but it’s my first one so should be fun. I’m more looking forward to the drag/DJ sets. I’ve got my lewk sorted but of course it’s weather dependent.
  19. That’s incredibly kind of you x
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  20. The more the merrier lol
    Us solo world travelling pop fans have to stick together.
    PopJustice meet up lol!!!!
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