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Mighty Hoopla (g-g-gay day festival)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rhombus, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. app is out!

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  2. The set times are pretty good, actually.
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  3. Kinda sorta really wanna go again but the £3.50 cheap tickets to All Points East last week have spoiled me and made me not want to drop £50 on this.
  4. say what
  5. I'm gonna get that Nicola Roberts photo, Mark my words
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  6. Lots of London festivals are selling poorly this year so All Points East did a bunch of competitions and "limited" offers with the likes of Dice/O2 to fill out a few of their days. I got to see Chemical Brothers for £3.50 ddd.
  7. And I spent 100 quid between both?

  8. Planning the day like
    13:30 - Alice Chater
    16:30 Tove Lo
    19:40 All Saints
    20:30 Bananarama
  9. K94


    I'm pleased with the set times - my faves are all later in the day and, though I'd like to see Cathy and Crystal, I'll give them up for Tove and All Wigs.
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  10. I need my fellow 3 Samantha mumba stans to get in formation
  11. I'm more than keen for Miss Mumba
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  12. I can’t go in the end because the weather and the stress of the week made me sick and I have no voice nor strength to do shit, so if anyone wants it, I’m giving mine away.

    @bestinase maybe? dd
  13. I'm also not quite at full capacity enough to spend an entire day dodging drunk homos in the drizzle so I'll let another good sis take it. Thanks so much though!
  14. Yeah the weather is... dampening my enthusiasm
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  15. If you tweet about it, I’ll RT it for you and someone might want it
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  16. Not going this year, but the last two years I’ve been I had an absolute blast. Hope everyone has fun!
  17. But Mumba.
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  18. The DICE app is pissing me off now

    It says I can send it until 9am tomorrow.
    I tried to send it and now it tells me it’s off sale? But I don’t want to sell it???? WTF

    I might just go so I can cough on them
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  19. Whatever the weathet we gon be better together!
    I'm going either way!
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  20. K94


    Is the weather gonna get better - it's ruining my outfit plans nn
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