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Mighty Hoopla (g-g-gay day festival)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rhombus, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Ella when she went from Little Mix stan to a little Capaldi in the space of three weeks.
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  2. LTG


    iPhone weather says it’s going to get better. Got to got to be.
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  4. It's sunny now binches! Put your shorts on. But bring a jacket! I overslept and missed Alice Chater. Oh well...
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  5. Jamelia was so embarrassing lol

    Know the words to ya songs girl
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  6. How was Samantha? Cathy?
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  8. Would gays even exist if Cathy Dennis hadn't written songs? Makes you think.
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  9. Flop gay posting photos. We need videos hun.
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  10. Samantha Mumba thanked Marsha P Johnson during her set and therefore I will now stan in infinite dimensions forever
  11. What was Sammy's setlist? Did she look snatched?

    Tell me everything.
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  12. Jamelia. The Mumba. Saints

    And Will.

    I told him he needs to sing next year
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  13. The whole day was fantastic, All Saints smashed it, Liberty X were on fire and seemed truly shocked by the reaction from the crowd, Samantha Mumba was bloody brilliant!

    The only downside was the rubbish sound from the main stage, not powerful enough to hear clearly, and sadly Chaka as the headline act was a flop as for the first 40 mins she sang songs no one knew. There were so many people were walking out early, as did we and heard 'I'm Every Woman' as we exited the park. All the other bookings were spot on though.
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  14. Tove Lo was good. Can't remember much else.
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  15. Not sure if he's a Popjustice forum member, but wanted to shout out to the guy who tried to get Nicola Roberts to play 'Beat of My Drum' in the VIP tent during her DJ set. Don't think he was successful, but the effort was appreciated.
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  16. It was @JMRGBY88
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  17. I wish it was.
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  18. I wish I'd gone to see Bananarama over Chaka, I forgotten her backcatalog is largely very boring, the atmosphere was so dead, really sad she didn't do Hello Happiness.....I don't think she even did Sugar?! Things picked up I Feel For You.

    Loved Tove Lo, hopefully she'll come back for a proper London show in the autumn. All Saints were great too, everyone was singing!
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  19. If it was @JMRGBY88 he'd be requesting Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me
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  20. [​IMG]
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