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Mighty Hoopla (g-g-gay day festival)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rhombus, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. My third Mighty Hoopla! Absolutely love this festival... there is no other like it. Always good fun and good vibes.

    Liberty X were a fab way to start the day. I thought I'd miss the boys... but I didn't really. Even though there were sound issues, they were fun. Loved Michelle Heaton over-egging every spoken word part. I wouldn't want anything else.

    I was a MASSIVE Jamelia fan back in the day. I was quite near the front for her. I thought she sounded pretty good from where I was standing but absolutely should never have done those two covers, especially when she has "Money", "DJ", "Stop", "See It In A Boy's Eyes" and "Call Me" in her back pocket. But she did "Beware of the Dog" so that pleased me!

    Samantha Mumba was really good actually! She sounded pretty strong vocally. She should have done "I'm Right Here" though. Loved that she did the dance breakdown in "Baby Come On Over". That was a highlight.

    Cathy Dennis was definitely a highlight for me too! She's written so many iconic songs - it was great to hear those all in one set.

    All Saints were great as always... I missed a lot of their set (I've seen them a lot now) but was great to see them again do a few songs.

    Bananarama are such fun live. So glad they did "Nathan Jones" and "Look On The Floor". The new album is really strong.

    Chaka Khan can still REALLY sing but the sound was terrible where I was. It was like that a lot on the main stage. They really need to sort that out for next year. Chaka did a few of my favourites like "Sweet Thing" and "This Is My Night" though, which I loved. The whammy of "I Feel For You", "Like Sugar", "I'm Every Woman" and "Ain't Nobody" was great!
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  2. Were you wearing the pink all-over "Glitter" t-shirt?! If so, we spoke just after Liberty X haha.
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  3. Oh amazing! Yep that was me. Nice to meet you lamb
  4. I think I drunkenly said “omg love your tshirt” when I rang past you at some point (I’m sure that doesn’t exactly narrow it down).
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  5. Ha yeah I mean there was quite a lot of that, particularly as the day wore on and much to the disdain of my more extravagantly dressed friend. Thanks though! #L4L
  6. I saw that. Bit keen... Maybe they want to guarantee funds for a bigger line up next year - which worries me. I love a line up full of half-successful/has-beens pop queens. It's part of the charm of Mighty Hoopla.

    EDIT: Actually, they probably are in crazy debt from this year and trying to pay up.
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  7. I have such mixed feelings about Mighty Hoopla. I think the main dampener on my day was how effing cold it was, glad I opted to wear my jacket coz I would have DIED without it. There were soooo many attractive men walking around in not much at all and I was just dumbfounded.
    I missed Tove Lo for Crystal Waters (who was average as fuck), Livin' Joy (was great) & Ultra Nate (couldn't resist If You Could Read My Mind in a live setting) so spewing about that.
    Also missed All Saints as the other half thought lining up for 20 mins for food was more important (the jerkin chicken place was fantastic so not mad about it). Saw them in 2016 also so not too devs.

    Can we just talk about Alice Chater and how much of a superstar this woman should be?! What a kween.
    Liberty X were also fab as was the Mumba (she sang Gotta Tell You's verses in a high key too which was an interesting change).
    Bananarama were pretty good too. Devo I didn't see Will Young in the crowd or that hot Israeli Eurovision host - all I spotted was Rex from Big Brother :p

    I think if we had my group of friends from home with us (and warmer weather) we would have had a great time but alas it was it was.
  8. Honestly Mighty Hoopla 2019 was one of the greatest days out I’ve ever had. The vibe was incredible and I got a picture with my least favourite Girls Aloud member while I was on the verge of blacking out. Cannot wait for 2020.
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  9. Does anyone know when more info will become available for 2020?
  10. Samantha Mumba was announced on Christmas Day. I think more acts started being announced around February.
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