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Mighty Hoopla + Mighty Hoopla Weekender (lol)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Square, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. An iconic collection of comeback coroner faves and niche pop acts.


    The last couple years have been great.
  2. Wait. I’d go just for Tove Lo alone.
  3. I’d go just for Massaoke alone.
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  4. Somebody please modify that "Beyoncèèè?" gif and write "Jameliaaa?" instead.
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  5. I love that homosexuals can keep someone like Ultra Nate paying rent. We're so iconic x
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  6. I only noticed Jamelia NOW?
    Maybe preferring Primavera was a mistake.
  7. Last year the girl next to me during TLC's set did coke off her necklace like we were in Cruel Intentions.

    Highly recommended.
  8. Oh my god, I need to go to this
  9. Of...all the failed local acts, inactive in decades, both in touring and releasing music in the line up it was dance legend, grammy-nominated, constantly releasing and touring Ultra Nate that made you think that?
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  10. I've only ever come across Ultra Nate at marginally tragique Pride events, so forgive me if I'm not up on what she's doing with ha career nowadays. I like ha!

    Anyway, if they've any sense Charli should be one of the headliners – she's more than capable of stepping up. It was a lot of big faggy fun last year.
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  11. I am literally calculating budgets to see if I can afford both now LOL. The thought of seeing Always Come Back to Your Love live is just..... wig.
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  12. K94



    Last year was my first and it was such a kii and this lineup is already looking stronger.
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  13. Liberty X and Jamelia? I'm so used to giving etc.
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  14. I was holiday last year for this. I think this year it's a MUST!
  15. LPT


    I'm seeing Sophie Ellis Bextor that eve.
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  16. Last year was so fun.
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  17. The last 3 years were great, I already have my ticket for this one. Yes for Tove.
  18. I just remembered I saw you at the station on the way there!
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    Take my moneys, London.
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  20. So erm, the website appears to be gone?
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