Mighty Hoopla + Mighty Hoopla Weekender (lol)

Which headliner are you most excited for?

  • Slipknot

  • Sonia with her trumpet

  • Girls Aloud

  • Madonna

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I genuinely didn't know

Thank you @Lucas
After my first Hoopla this year, I’d be up for the Weekender. Sadly, Bognor Regis is a bit of a trek from Glasgow. Hope whatever they do next is more centrally located.
The VIP bolt on goes on sale this Friday. Does anyone know, does it have to be the person who bought the tickets that buys the bolt on too? Or can I buy these to use with the tickets someone else bought for me.
Yeah, dropping £45 just before Christmas?!

If it was £30 I may have gone for it, but £45 for skipping a queue and slightly better toilets feels a bit excessive.
The main advantage was having access to a bar and loo area located right next to the main stage. The cubicle loos ended up having massive queues (possibly longer than for the regular portaloos) and were equally grim by the end of the day.