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Mighty Hoopla + Mighty Hoopla Weekender (lol)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Square, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Have 'splashed out' on the swankier hotel. The standard rooms were just a bit too bleak for a January weekend.
  2. What a day!
  3. Nicola Roberts making an appearance during Cheryl’s set. My body and soul weren’t ready.
  4. Say WHAAAAAT?!?!
  5. Yes, yes, YES! She came out during “Fight for this Love” to sing the “Show Me Love” interlude.
  6. K94


    It was giving the intro of

    And I lived!
  7. Natasha Hamilton legend
  8. SMG


    That was such a good day.
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  9. Highlights: Raye! Gabrielle getting the biggest singalongs of the day! Georgia!

    Lowlights: Booze prices and my soul leaving the entirety of my body when Becky Hill shouted "have the QUEEREST weekend you guys!!!"
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  10. We need videos!
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  11. Highlight of the day for me was finally meeting this absolute ICON.

    Bring on the Weekender.

    2021-09-04 22_57_42.819+0100.jpg
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  12. There are some great recordings of some performances online.

    Broken Heels:

    3 Words/Parachute mash up

    Cheryl and Nicola

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  13. What a fantastic day! Still buzzing.
  14. Melanie Blatt and Mutya Buena drinking and dancing together at I think this festival on Mutya's stories made me smile on this awful day for pop music.
  15. So they're doing two days next year, over June Bank Holiday, which feels.. a bit much. Tickets on sale Friday and headliners announced shortly it seems.
  16. MONEY!!!
    tenor (6).gif
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  17. I went to the Mighty Hoopla when it was 3 days at Butlins. It was wild!
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  18. That's my next one, in Bognor in February.

    It'll be an experience I absolutely cannot wait for.
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  19. Rachel Stevens 2022 come on
  20. We had breakfast sat next to Sister Sledge in the restaurant!
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