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Mighty Hoopla + Mighty Hoopla Weekender (lol)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Square, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Please make it happen @Jesus @God @HolySpirit
  2. They are hinting at MAJOR headline acts. They've already had the likes of Years & Years, TLC, Chaka Khan and Cheryl. Who do we expect will play next year who's bigger than those? Steps maybe? Kylie even? Christina?
  3. I reckon they will have a MAJOR headline act for each night. Little Mix maybe?
  4. Madasun, Deuce, Cleopatra.
  5. Ah yeh, good shout!
  6. Probably only want to do the one day, so it's annoying we won't have any acts announced when tickets go up. Will just go for the Saturday and hate my life if they announce Rachel for Friday.
  7. Two days in 2022? Not to sound old but I am much more a fan of one day events. Too old for these two day things nowadays!!
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  8. Charli and Jessie Ware are doing some EU festivals around then so I wouldn't surprised if they cropped up somewhere.
  9. I could see Rita Ora doing this. Maybe even Little Mix or Dua, since this has become a much bigger affair in the last two years. JoJo? Jessie J?
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  10. Rita, Jessie J, Little Mix you can see in every festival every week around the UK. I'd rather they brought some really cool vintage acts back instead to be honest. But be creative not En Vogue or Sister Sledge with 2 original members each.
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  11. I hope Alexandra Burke is back. What an icon. Kelly Rowland would make an incredible headliner too. Give the gays everything they want
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  12. Here for both! Christina Milian would be great too! Ashanti.
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  13. I can see The Wanted doing this now that they're back. Also, they could finally bring Natasha Bedingfield.
  14. Natasha Bedingfield would be great, I can imagine Unwritten going down as well as Dreams/Rise and Whole Again.

    Were the acts this year…. that big? I don’t mean this in a shady way, I had a great time - but Little Mix or DUA feels like it would be a massive step up from *Cheryl*.
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  15. They are referring to next year when they tease major headline acts. Natasha, Christina Milian, Rita or Jessie J would all be cute but they wouldn't be labelled major in 2022. Little Mix, Steps and Kylie could very well be contenders. Dua feels a bit too big for it somehow? @saviodxl suggested The Wanted and I could also see them making it but probably not as the main act. I don't recall them having a massive LGBTQ+ following. Christina Aguilera has been active lately, but she may still be far to expensive to bring to the UK for one festival.
  16. I'd spend 50 quid to witness When You Look At Me live.
  17. AM To PM
    When You Look At Me
    Dip It Low
    Whatever You Want
    Say I

    Name a more iconic singles run/setlist.
  18. The first song they played after Cheryl's headlining set was Unwritten and no shade but it got a bigger reaction than any of Cheryl's set, the majority of the crowd was singing along.
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  19. Realistic:
    Rachel Stevens, Cleopatra, Louise, Steps, Annie, Alesha, Natalie Imbruglia
    Rina Sawayama, Mabel, Little Mix, Charli XCX, Kim Petras, Bree Runway, Foxes

    Tinashe, Christina Milian, INNA, Alexandra Stan, September, Agnes, Holly Valance

    Would make perfect headliners but unlikely to happen within the next 2 years or ever
    Billie Piper, The Saturdays, Dannii
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  20. Alesha would be GREAT.
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