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Mighty Hoopla + Mighty Hoopla Weekender (lol)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Square, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Rachel Stevens for 2023 I guess.

    I am THRILLED with this lineup though. Saturday especially is incredible.
  2. I had to channel my excitement by creating a playlist.
    What do I need to add?

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  3. Agnes! Seriously tempted to get tickets for Saturday.
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  4. Touch Me and I Surrender by Dame Sam Fox
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  5. Kimmy's You Came at the very least.
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  6. Oh my god Agnes.
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  7. Agnes at half 4 in the afternoon in a park full of chatty gays is not quite the fantasy I had for experiencing this album live, but I'll take it.
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  8. Thanks for making feel better about missing this!
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  9. Me and my boyfriend have booked both days. Neither of us have done a festival before. How exciting.
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  10. Five (with three members) and Five Star (with one member) right next to each other did make me laugh.

    Our very own @ladylloyd is there!

    Do the concerts run all day? I'd like to see quite a few of these (Anastacia, Foxes, Jamelia, Sam Fox, the Babes, Jessie, Dame Kim, Louise, Self Esteem), but it's a much more appealing prospect if I could do sightseeing in the morning/early afternoon rather than spending all day at the festival.
  11. It does start early, like 3:30 or 4:00 as per UK day festivals. Which means some acts will also clash.

    I have Primavera that weekend - which has no where near this good a line up dd - but not sure I can bother with the fifty PCR tests and rules and regulations (on top of changing flights). Maybe.
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  12. Thanks! That's actually not bad - it would still give me time to hit one museum or palace beforehand each day. I'm trying to keep my plans to a week in London and a week in Paris, so that's workable.
  13. Doesn't it usually start before 2?

    I need to go next year and actually have a good time, I royally fucked it up for myself this year and pretty much had a shit day. Loved seeing Gabrielle though.
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  14. MB


    There’s early admission tickets which say you have to be in before 2pm. I expect @Vasilios is right and it’ll be more like 3-4ish especially with it being over 2 days now.
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  15. This year Becky Hill was on at 2pm/2.30pm, I think she might have been first so I imagine next year will be the same.
  16. She probably had some other event later... booked and busy smart queen!
  17. I think the biggest shock is that The 411 are reforming?! Wig. Snatched.
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  18. My biggest enemy is me, pop a 411.
  19. Prima Vera weekend 2 >>
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  20. Yeah the earliest acts start at like 2pm

    Flashback to confidence man playing a crowd of about 50 fjdjdj
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