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Mighty Hoopla + Mighty Hoopla Weekender (lol)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Square, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Nn yes the toilets at Hoopla are a mess. And the drunk entitlement of people who can’t wait longer than 30 seconds. Whew!
  2. Yeah I'm getting VIP dd
  3. I know, but it's not exactly Glasto and it hadn't been raining for a few days. The only place they changed colour was when I attempted the urinal swamp.
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  4. I don't remember the toilets being bad last year. To be fair I was probably too busy sleeping and not drinking so I didn't use them much.
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  5. Extra toilets in UK festivals are a must. Also in the Lovebox VIP ones it's where I met Jake Shears and Cocknbullkid so...
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  6. I want to take a shit while Mel Blatt is doing the same, holding hands
  7. Got early bird entry for Friday! So excited!

    Hope I see some of you there and put some faces to the usernames!
  8. Blu Hydrangea, The Vivienne, Jimbo and Pangina Heals confirmed. YAS!
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  9. The retired pop stars well has truly ran dry.
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  10. MB


    If only Rachel Stevens would stop promoting nutella and Gina G would stop being happy in LA.....
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  11. kal


    Got my VIP Bolt-On.
    See you two at the premium toilets!
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  12. Well that was relatively stress free! See you in the VIP, hens!
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  13. I was expecting it to be much worse! Why can’t all ticket releases be like that ha!

    I’m buzzing for my first ever hoopla!
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  14. Me too!

    Question for anyone who's done this before - do we end up with mobile tickets or are they paper? Just interested how we need to get the VIP bolt ons to show for entry with the regular tickets.
  15. Half asleep this morning and ended up booking VIP for the wrong date, emailed contact services and they sorted it within 30 minutes. Great team.
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  16. It's just the mobile confirmation - they'll ask you to show it with your tickets when you arrive.
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  17. The way the VIP bolt-ons jumped from £22 to £30 in a year or two. It really is outrageous how much everyone is charging for everything these days. Booked them anyway because of toilet situation, etc.
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  18. Wow, the Saturday all sold out. People really want those 'premium' toilets.
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  19. I've made do without VIP the last 3 times so hopefully I'll be okay this year.
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  20. Gays with IBS showed their wallets once again!
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