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Mighty Hoopla + Mighty Hoopla Weekender (lol)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Square, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. The last time I saw Haddaway live, he did a 3 song set.

    Started with What Is Love, then did Life, then did What Is Love again.

    The crowd lapped it up!
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  2. not Eve bailing for the second year in a row nn
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    Swedish queen said 'I am not missing my yoga and doggie walks'.

    It did seem to good to be true, budget or Brexit issues probably.
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  4. MB


    Fuming for the lack of Agnes. She was the one act you couldn’t really see seperately unlike the majority of the others who tour.
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  5. I just noticed Macy Gray... imagine her set.
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  6. Kimmy and Louise back to back but very early. Will be fun
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  7. Devastated about Agnes but as long as Sugababes are there, I’m there. They say they’re going to announce some more acts. I wonder who?

    Hoping for Years & Years and Nadine.
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  8. Time to head to the bar for a drink hun!
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  9. Just noticed “PopInjustice” nn, see you there girls!
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  10. Pfff she's playing here this week and selling tickets now 2-for-1.
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  11. I suppose she… tried.
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  12. I am so heartbroken. Agnes was the thing I was most excited for.
  13. Baffled that Louise isn’t on the main stage, yet Macy Gray is. Where’s the logic?

    Wonder who’ll they’ll announce next week in replacement of Agnes (gutted) and Eve? Perhaps Nadine? Nicola Roberts?
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  14. MB


    I just got in an argument on IG about Louise having sold more records than anyone else on the main stage. I gave up in the end.
    I’d accept atomic kitten (with jfro) and Rachel Stevens. Is Carly RJ busy? Realistically we’ll get the cheeky girls.
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  15. Louise Rednkapp has sold more records than Sugababes? Or are you classing 1.0 as a separate band?
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  16. I need Nicola to be there!
  17. MB


    Yep classing 1.0 as a separate band. However Louise has sold 15 million records worldwide (5 million UK) according to Wikipedia (including the one album she was part of eternal).

    *Edit* although maybe not “Sugababes have sold 3,500,000 singles sales. 4,000,000 album sales” so maybe Louise has sold more? Although I don’t think that’s an up to date figure.
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  18. Is Jessie Ware be a special guest of the Sugababes? Or of the festival?

    Is Mel Blatt still DJing even though All Saints aren’t playing?
  19. Because she’s a big name but isn’t headlining she’s mentioned as special guest

    Is Mel listed in the new lineups posted?
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