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Mighty Hoopla + Mighty Hoopla Weekender (lol)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Square, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Can’t say I’m too arsed about Blue being announced. Was that even want to be exciting?
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  2. Me not going anywhere and bopping out of pure envy

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  3. I've never done anything like this before - is there a way to see what times people will be on? I have had some health problems lately and standing around all afternoon isn't feasible.
  4. They’ve just released the Mighty Hoopla app on Woov, which shows the timings and stages. You can use the app to highlight who you want to see, etc.

    Hopefully that’s of some help?
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  5. Thanks - I'll have a look!
  6. Sam


    Except for Glastonbury, which I will carry a torch for till the day I die as the best place on Earth
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  7. The weather that seems up ahead for this festival is perfect for my tall and fat ass. Though it’s Winter season in Australia right now, our temperatures are higher than Londons! Bring it on!
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  8. I highlighted who I wanted to see and then all my selections were gone the next time I looked.
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  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    What time are the @Vasilios meet and greets?
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  10. I'll be at Primavera despite trolling here dd. Next year!
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  11. kal


    Does anyone know if there will be a stall at the festival that sells protective ear plugs? Or if not, can anyone suggest where in London I can buy a decent pair?
  12. Crop tops have arrived ladies, praying to the gay gods for good weather on Saturday.
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  13. Outdoor UK festivals are rarely super loud fyi, especially ones in parks surrounded by houses. You'll be fine with just a pair of foam ones you can buy at Boots.
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  14. Boots is iconic

    Boots the house down
  15. Me going from short shorts and a crop top to trousers and a hoodie real quick ddd.
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  16. kal


    Yeah, I'll definitely be bringing a hoodie or something to keep me warm in the evening.
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  17. Also a good idea: windbreakers that are super light and thin and can get folded into a tiny bum bag.
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  18. Nah that weather needs to change asap. Also, for bags what’s the rules? Is a small square handbag/over the shoulder be fine?
  19. Nothing bigger than an A4 piece of paper!
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