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Mighty Hoopla + Mighty Hoopla Weekender (lol)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Square, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Me!

    Not me and @Lost In Japan. meeting, discussing the deserved Oscar nominations of Kirsten Dunst for ten minutes, harassing his friend for a picture because she looked like Kirsten Dunst, adding each other on Instagram and only then realising that we know each other from here. I knew he was too deep of a Little Dunsty to not have lurked in these ends!!

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  2. K94


    You too, bbs! Will see you at Primavera.

    The Sugababes' set was an absolute dream. Perfect song choices (even though some girls kept complaining that they didn't know any dd), perfect intro with Push The Button, and thee vocals - truly special.
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  3. Yesss that was me! Honestly I’m convinced Rachel could get a crowd at the main stage, there is so much love for that woman. Deserved.
  4. The Sugababes set almost felt like a… religious experience (or the closest thing to a religious experience for me!) - their voices, the songs, their looks and their chemistry were just divine. Much as I’d love for them to reform properly and tour, the fact that they perform together so rarely made it even more special.
  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’ll be there if that ever happens! I’ll head straight to the festival from my 8 hour flight again!
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  6. Which one of you demons snuck in a lifesize cardboard cutout of Heidi and Amelle?!

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  7. I was wearing a Jade Thirlwall tshirt. I met Jade Thirlwall in said Jade Thirlwall tshirt.

    Life made.
  8. The fact Jessie knew exactly what she was doing with the Story ddd.
  9. Was the tee black and purple? I saw you entering and was like OMG to my friend.

    Had the best weekend, from meeting Jade and getting to show her my tour outfits, screaming and dancing to Steps, meeting fellow PJ and people from Twitter/Instagram, seeing the Sugababes and getting to spend the weekend with my bestie. I am truly spoilt. It was an amazing atmosphere start to finish. Hoopla we’ll see ya next year!
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  10. Yes yes! That was me!
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  11. There will always be people like that. At the last Spice Girls tour a friend of a friend complained that they sang too many new songs (?).
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  12. What a weekend. Never knew what to expect from my first Hoopla but it was such a fun vibe. Highlights include meeting Jade and being too drunk to remember half of Steps setlist. Will 100% be back next year.

    Also, the Sugababes really went OFF. People around us began moaning halfway through because they slowed things down but it’s just part and parcel of seeing them live I guess. I think some people thought they would come out with dancers and stuff by some of their reactions during it. About You Now had me shook. I just never had it in my bingo cards that they would perform it albeit shortened.
  13. So who we thinking to headline next year?!
  14. Gutted I didn't go to this, even just to see PJ folks would've been worth it. All the pictures are gorgeous!
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  15. Dannii.
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  16. Taking early bets on Mabel (no shade).
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  17. BTG


    Mae Muller ate.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Nicole Scherzinger <3

  19. For her Neon Nights 20th Danniiversary tour. The dream!
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