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Mighty Hoopla + Mighty Hoopla Weekender (lol)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Square, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Snatched a ticket for next year! Can’t wait!
  2. Manifesting Kylie, Mika and Girls Aloud.
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  3. I know I wanna be there and have a year to convince friends. So I just bought 3 tickets with the deposit scheme. £20 upfront doesn't seem too bad.
  4. Sam


    Yeah I nabbed a 3rd release about 20 past 9. 65 quid dddd
  5. It'll be my first time buying a ticket for Mighty Hoopla - do they sell out way before the actual event or are there tickets available for the whole year?
  6. I know I’m probably dreaming but Hoopla would be the perfect event for The Saturdays to reunite - if it was for a one off.
  7. Saturday sold out before the event this year, but not until about a month before. But I can imagine bringing the two days back down to one will make them sell out quicker this time. Especially as the festival has become more and more popular.
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  8. Just a li'l tip but there are always resale tickets floating around for every event nowadays, even sold out ones, and this will continue into next year.

    If you're struggling for cash and can't commit to this right now you won't have a problem finding a ticket in the months leading up to it next year, even if it's from the girlies on here having spares.
  9. Thanks for the tips guys. Bring on 2023!
  10. Managed to get tickets for next year, and now I’m going to begin to manifest a Mis-Teeq reunion.
  11. ok but is it alright to get excited for the weekender yet
  12. Now just imagine if The Saturdays decide to make a one off reunion show for Hoopla. My imagination sometimes amazes me!
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  13. I bought a ticket too.
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  14. I looked at 10am and they'd sold out of the first 3 types, that is WILD!

    Yes I will be there again.
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  15. I really enjoyed it this year and got to see several artists I’ve never seen live before (Kate Nash, Macy Gray, Katy B, Louise, Kim Wilde, the original Sugababes line-up), but I’ll hold off to see who’s on the bill before buying a ticket. Both days were really strong this year, but I skipped the Friday as I’ve either seen (or are going to see later in the year) all of the artists that were of interest to me.
  16. MB


    Just had an email to say they've got the green light from the council to do another 2 dayer next year with buttons to vote yes or no...
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  17. I’m leaning towards No. I’ve got my ticket sorted for the Saturday already and haven’t budgeted to spend another £xx on an upgrade to a Weekend ticket.

    I’d rather they jam packed an awesome lineup into one day than spread it thinly across two.
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  18. MB


    Yeah that was my thinking, I actually think the line up for this year could have been condensed into one day. Plus I'm too old for 2 days!
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  19. I don’t think so dorling, I don’t fucking think so.
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  20. It'd be foolish to go to two now after they've advertised it as one. People book hotels, travel etc in advance.
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