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Miguel - War & Leisure

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Joe., Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Where's the vinyl or am I gonna have to wait 6 months?
  2. The album is so, so good. I need this on vinyl.
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  3. My azĂșcar is cruda.

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  4. LiK


    This album truly caught me off guard! I was looking forward to it but it exceeded expectations I went in with!

    Banana Clip
    Told You So
    Caramel Duro

    Sooooo good! I love everything on this album!
  5. Has Rick Ross changed his flow even a little bit since 2011?
  6. Caramel Duro..... yes!!

    Loving the album after a couple of listens.
  7. Having my first listen of the album... Pineapple Skies is so cute.
  8. These are my holy trinity too. Love.

    Edit: Wait, why are there two threads for this now? I started this the day the album was announced because there wasn't a proper topic for the new album. Did someone merge some old posts for the other one?
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  9. I think the other one was for previous album and just got retitled?
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  10. I think i prefer Wildheart.
    But with repeated listens, this could top it.
    Why is Kali Uchis credited on Caremelo Duro, when she is barely audible ?
    I love her voice would love if she had her own verse on it.

    Also Caremelo Duro is my favourite on the album.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I can't believe this is out already! Can't wait to delve in.
  12. Caramelo Duro for my drag name, porn name, everything.
  13. I was on holiday in Portugal this week and listening to this while laying on a sunny beach was pure bliss! Criminal, Pineapple skies, Told you so and Anointed and my highlights.

    I wish Miguel was much bigger, he certainly deserves it with the quality of this and his last two albums. I hope he comes to tour in the UK
  14. Oops, I slept on this album but I'm awake now and totally blown away by it. I nearly died with the opening track and that feature from my pear daddy Rick Ross.

    Pineapple Skies, Sky Walker, and Caramelo Duro are my other favorites.
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  16. This album is still such a sharp and breezy listen. Miguel certainly suits the brighter soundscapes, particularly on Banana Clip and Told You So.
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  17. We had the absolute pleasure of seeing his Vancouver show 2 weeks ago, and we both said afterwards that it felt like an out of body experience. Miguel is so good. It is hard to pick a highlight, as his discography is brilliant and the set-list was literally perfect, but "Told You So" stood out since it was an excellent remixed version. Definitely recommend seeing him if you can
  18. Funny this is on the front page bc I think this album is about to click with me!

    I suddenly had a desire to listen to it, started it, Criminal blew me away, and I'm gonna finish it later. I really wanted to love this, but I didn't apart from Sky Walker, but hopefully I'm about to get it.
  19. New collaboration with Goldlink:

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