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Miguel - War & Leisure

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Joe., Nov 3, 2017.

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  2. War and Leisure was criminally slept on.
  3. Miguel released a new song before starting his Ascension Tour. He is apparently expected to perform new material. Just as a reminder, he confirmed in May that he was working on his first Spanish album...

    He also released a new collaboration with RL Grime and Julia Michaels.

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  4. I am really happy for him! I need new music though, I know it has only been a year since "War & Leisure" but it somehow feels longer... this album was good but left me wanting more so I hope he is going somewhere with his few single releases this year.

    But I totally wouldn't mind if he decides to take time to enjoy the married life.
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  5. I’ve always found Miguel so underrated! Although I do notice he’s gotten a lot more Spotify playlist support for War and Leisure. Kaleidoscope remains better for me though.
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  6. Remember when Miguel said he was working on a Spanish album sometime last year? Well, he just released a new EP called "Te Lo Dije" which is basically just a couple of tracks from "War & Leisure" in Spanish and a new song. We already had the Spanish versions of "Sky Walker" and "Banana Clip" for awhile so no surprise there, and for the rest, it's quite confusing... but I really like it.

    The new song doesn't fit the mood of the album/EP at all but it's quite nice to hear Miguel try something new and fully embrace a more traditional kind of Latin music. "Criminal" and "Caramelo Duro" are not in Spanish but in Spanglish, which is super confusing at first when the song starts just like the album version. And GREAT SURPRISE: "Caramelo Duro (feat. Kali Uchis)" finally features Kali Uchis!

    If you don't have time to read my rant: enjoy this, it's a nice addition to an already great album. Seems like the plans for a Spanish album kinda end there but hopefully he keeps working on it because I love his Spanglish songs, his voice just flows effortlessly in these two languages.

  7. Ok, this was unexpected but it's crazy good! A new era seems to be on the horizon...

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    It's great. It reminds a little of Shockandawe which was amazing and unfairly left off of War & Leisure.
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  9. Been giving his discography a listen and this is how I would rank his albums:

    1) Kaleidoscope Dream
    2) Wildheart
    3) War & Leisure
    4) All I Want Is You

    War & Leisure is fun and feels like a more cohesive effort, but I feel it doesn’t hit the highs of Kaleidoscope Dream and Wildheart. the valley and Pussy Is Mine have me shaking to this day.
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  10. Wildheart remains his best and one of the absolute best albums of its year. Not a single ounce of filler and multiple career peaks with Coffee, waves, what’s normal anyway, Hollywood Dreams, leaves, face the sun, ...goingtohell...we love a magnum opus.
  11. I think Wildheart is great, but it usually feels a bit...heavier to listen to? At least compared to Kaleidoscope Dream. Though Wildheart is brilliant too, of course.

    Kaleidoscope Dream just feels like it has more space to breathe and has enough lighter tracks to balance out the more carnal, intense moments, which he admittedly does better in Wildheart.

    The outro of “Do You...”, where he repeatedly sings “You and me tonight” and ends with “Imma do you like drugs tonight”... *chef’s kiss* Don’t get me started on the euphoric bliss that is The Thrill, which he perfectly describes as his attempt to create the “synopsis of a night where everything goes right and I don’t go to sleep.”
  12. Kaleidoscope Dream was so left of centre for an R&B album at the time and it still sounds so fresh today, Adorn is still one of my favourite songs ever. Wildheart is his best album in my opinion but it’s hard to choose between the two. Miguel is ridiculously talented and rarely gets it wrong to be honest.
  13. His Prince tribute from this year’s Grammy weekend was uploaded to his YouTube channel:

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  14. I was in the audience for this!
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