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Miguel - War & Leisure

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Joe., Nov 3, 2017.

  1. I always found it curious how he, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean sort of emerged at the same time within the alt rnb sphere; while The Weeknd went through various soundscapes to incredible mainstream success and Frank became a critical darling, Miguel kinda... faded in the background, unfortunately. He has a body of work he can certainly be proud of but around War & Leisure some of his appeal may have vanished.

    He can always make a comeback though and I'm glad he's taking his time with the new album. Just hope it's going to be good!
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  2. Really? Wasn’t War and Leisure able to produce some streaming hits, which he didn’t see for Wildheart and Kaleidoscope Dream?

    I think he’d actually fare better if he pushed an era in this landscape. The Weeknd obviously turned more pop, while Frank Ocean is a critical darling. I’d say the difference is he doesn’t make as big “statements” as the other two, which is fine. Wildheart and Kaleidoscope Dream are absolute opuses, either way, and he’s probably the best singer of this R&B generation.
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  3. It's interesting that people often compare Miguel to Frank Ocean and The Weeknd because I feel like he stands somewhere between the two of them.

    He is most definitely a critical darling himself. All of his albums since Kaleidoscope Dream have been praised by critics and he is often featured in the pages or websites of music publications. If you check Miguel and Frank Ocean's career averages on Metacritic, you'll see that they both stand at 84. While there's no doubt that Frank obviously gets a lot more press and praise just for breathing or throwing weird ass parties, we can't deny that Miguel is also well-liked by critics, has three universally acclaimed albums under his wing and has appeared on many year-end and decade-end lists.

    Regarding his commercial success, I personally think he has done fairly well for someone who has been active since 2010 and who has always sticked to R&B. All of his albums since Kaleidoscope Dream have charted in the top 10 and he has always managed to get radio ("Adorn," "Coffee," "Sky Walker," "#Beautiful," "Power Trip") or streaming hits ("Come Through and Chill," "Skywalker," "Remind Me to Forget," "Weekend"). Even the singles from his not-so-successful debut album still receive a lot of love today (a freaking interlude from that record racks 48 millions streams on Spotify!). Of course, he's not on a The Weeknd level of commercial success but I think it's also important to point out that Miguel has played the game very differently from Abel.

    The Weeknd got to work with some very high profile collaborators (Max Martin, Drake, Ariana Grande right when she was exploding on the international scene, E* S******) and most importantly managed to evolve artistically and update his sound at the absolute perfect time. Beauty Behind The Madness had some of his signature dark moody R&B with heavier and bigger production ("The Hills," "Acquainted," "Often") but also 80s influenced pop songs which were all the rage in 2015 ("Can't Feel My Face," "In The Night") and some GP friendly moments ("Earned It," "Dark Times"). Meanwhile, that exact same summer, Miguel released a rock influenced R&B album which didn't sound like anything else that was coming out in 2015 (and still secured a top 3 position on the charts and some cute R&B hits) and was featured on songs by A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller and Janelle Monáe – not exactly the same crowd.

    So no, he's not a commercial force like The Weeknd and he's not embraced by the hipsters and music lovers who don't listen to R&B like Frank Ocean. He has ended up becoming more of a niche artist but he is most certainly one of the most respected current figures in his field and that is already a major achievement. I honestly don't expect him to change anything about his sound or his artistry in order to appeal to a wider audience and that's fine by me.
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  4. King also stays booked and busy with projects like the Coco soundtrack and collabs like the ones with Dua and Kygo, anyway. His voice just elevates any track he’s in. Collabs with the likes of SZA, Burna Boy and Rina are also overdue.
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  5. New collaboration with Tainy:

  6. It’s a bit just there, to be honest, but maybe it’ll grow on me.
  7. Miguel's Art Dealer Chic trilogy is now available on Spotify – and every streaming platform I suppose – which might be an indication that new music is coming very soon. I think I remember him mentioning that he was planning on reviving the Art Dealer Chic series with a new EP back in October.

    He also posted this on Instagram earlier this week...


  8. I really love the EP even though I’m not crazy about Funeral. He’s so consistently great.
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  10. "I keep seeing dead frogs in my dreams." ...Never change, Miguel! Never change.
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