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Miguel - Wildheart

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Coffee is an R&B highlight of the year. Should've been genuinely huge.
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  2. FLESH is everything right now. No bad songs to be found on the deluxe, but that one is just doing it.
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  3. I am a bit late here, but... Wildheart is great. One of the best albums of 2015 and my third personal favourite. I can't stop listening to a beautiful exit, Hollywood Dreams, Coffee, waves and face the sun. 9,5/10. The artwork is a masterpiece. Oh, and he looks hot as (always)/hell and I have some really... well... deep... thoughts on him. Blush.
  4. I'm struggling to digest this album as a whole like I was able to with Kaleidoscope Dreams.

    There are some songs I really enjoy (A Beautiful Exit, Coffee, Flesh, Leaves, Face the Sun, Simple Things) & one that I definitely don't (The Valley). The rest I seem to be somewhat indifferent to. I guess I need to spend more time with it.
  5. I agree that The Valley is the album's weakest moment. Apart from that the tracks flow perfectly.
  6. Are you using the deluxe version or standard? Isn't the track list a little different?
  7. The correct tracklist should include Coffee after every other track.
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  8. Out of all 16 tracks I like The Valley the least.
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  9. Coffee is so good. I should give this a listen.
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  10. If you like Coffee, you won't be disappointed.
  11. The Valley is great, Flesh is shit, he is ugly, his album is pretty good.
  12. This offends me.
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  13. No way is he ugly, come on...

    And that shouldn't take away from anything about his music.
  14. I don´t wanna offend you guys but I think he is ugly, I can´t stand his face... I like his new album though.
  15. What kind of actual mess?
  16. Why would you even think "he is ugly" is worth sharing?
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  17. Imagine all the wailing if that was said about one of our holy pop girls... #MISANDRY

    (it's because we're gays so we care about beautiful men more. Anyway, I think he's hot, but not beautiful.)
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  18. Really!? I think he's beautiful, but not hot.
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  19. Let's all please try and remember that criticizing anyone - popstar, other forum members, other forum member's mum's - based on their appearance is against the rules of this forum.
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  20. I think he's both hot and beautiful and what's most important, his music is amazing. Per*fec*tion.
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