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Miguel - Wildheart

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. What matters is that this album feels like living inside the eye of a hurricane and I want to curl up and live there forever.
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  2. offended.
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  3. K94


    Giving this album an 8/10. The opening four tracks are incredible then it dips a bit and becomes a bit boring although Flesh is a highlight and What's Normal anyway, whilst being a bit cliche, resonates a bit. Then we get to Face The Sun - take me to the afterlife, Kings!! What a song. Damned is also a great closer. This album maanges to be arresting, beautiful, and sexy in equal measure so a big thumbs up.
  4. How can anyone say he's ugly?!
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  5. Same here, can't understand... He looks stunning. THE EYES. THE SMILE. AHHHHHHHH!

    "Hollywood Dreams" on repeat whole day long.
  6. The track listing, however, is hideous.
  7. Are the titles really THAT important when the songs are as great?
  8. I kind of love the song titles but I've always erred toward pretentious.
  9. Subtitling an interlude as '(enter.lewd)' though...
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  10. KAG


    Adore this album. It's not as brilliant as Kaleidoscope Dream, however it's still a solid, self-assured effort. 'Coffee', 'waves', 'face the sun' and 'simplethings' are my main faves.
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  13. I'm a little concerned that everyone seems to be ignoring the best song on the album - NWA!?

    It's like D'Angelo (if D'Angelo these days felt inclined to make music about fucking rather than music about a higher purpose).
  14. D'Angelo's latest album was great though.
  15. Agree 100%!

    I still miss Voodoo era D'Angelo though - probably my favourite album ever...
  16. Mr.Arroz

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    I'm trifling, yes, but finally listening to this for the first time.
  17. I cannot for the life of me get into Black Messiah.

    Wildheart remains Top 3 of the year though.
  18. This may crack my topten albums of the year list.
  19. Bye
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  20. Anyone going to see him live? I'm going next week and can't wait
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