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Mika "My Name Is Michael Holbrook"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPT, May 31, 2019.

  1. LPT


    Out October 4th

    Lead single Icecream

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  2. He’s so talented yet so stuck doing the same thing over and over again. Hoping for better tracks on the album, because this one sounds like a buzz track instead of a lead single (unfortunately).
  3. This is so damn camp and I love it.
  4. He's big in France, right?
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  5. *sigh*

    It's catchy, but damn so much potential wasted, especially after the near triumph of Origin Of Love.
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  6. And Italy and @LP
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  7. Ice Cream is cute, but very Mika-by-numbers and not particularly inspiring (but not everything has to be). It'll be interesting to hear the album because by the sounds of it it'll be quite personal and I think Mika excels when he's a little more emotional.
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    Scream ! A single UK date! Itswhatshedeserves.gif
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  9. Love the new song.
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  10. This is a cute summer bop and a very uplifting listen after a shitty day!
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  11. Not so much really, but he’s a judge on the french version of The Voice.
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  12. I like it, but it is very 'by the numbers'. It could be a track on one of his first 2 albums. 'The Origin of Love' and 'No Place In Heaven' were the better albums for me though.
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    I don't live in France so I can't speak on cultural impact but I went over to Paris to see his big headlining gig at Accor Arena in 2016. I suppose it was supporting the last record. The place was packed and lines to get in were huge. Everyone knew the lyrics and it was such a magical moment to experience. I've been a fan from the beginning and have seen him in Sydney, Birmingham and London (Yes, we used to fly over to see him) and always in smaller venues like the Academies etc. It was such a shock to see him put on a Kylie sized spectacle. It really is a shame that the English speaking market hasn't taken to him. The fact he is doing 12 French dates speaks volumes no ?
  14. There’s no denying the french market is the last one where he’s commercially relevant,but his last hit single here was a french song from 2011 and his record sales are just good considering he’s on a prime time show 3 months a year.
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  15. along with Italy.
  16. His live performance of Ice Cream at the Seat Music Awards was really good. He's funny and sexy at the same time. I love him!
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    Got tickets for London! Anyone else going?
  18. North America ' tiny love tiny tour' announced
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    Mods could you please merge this thread with the other Mika thread ?
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  20. "Tiny love" à masterpiece, I can't wait for the album, if it contains more songs like that, it's gonna be his best album so far
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