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MIKA - "Yo Yo" + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lucasdc, May 8, 2022.

  1. New single is coming next friday, likely the lead single of his new album:

    He also confirmed new music is coming and many more things to come!

  2. Well let’s hope it’s better than his last album!
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  3. He described the song to be infectious, pop, dance, with rich melody to make you feel 16 years old dancing in your bed, so i'm hoping for a Boy Who Knew Too Much kind of music!

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  4. New single is out:

    It was totally different of what I expect, but it's a bop!
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  5. Happy to see he’s finally switching things up! Yo Yo is already way more exciting than the last album.
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  6. Well I thought this was spectacular.
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  7. Too bad he mimed the whole thing...
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  8. Pretty standard for an interval act though?
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  9. Legacy of Madonna in Tel Aviv?
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  10. Hang on... Mika has five albums?! How have I heard nothing from him since Life in Cartoon Motion fff.

    I've got some listening to do!
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  11. The only great album post-debut is Origin Of Love, the rest... exists.
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  12. I enjoyed his performance at Eurovision and the new song sounds great. I don't know his discography aside from his first album so may need to give everything a listen now.
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  13. Let me fix it
    Also, Origin of Love better than The Boy AND No place in heaven? Girl…
  14. Easily. The Boy is a collection of b-sides except for Rain, while No Place in Heaven was a regression into nursery rhymes for the Italian and French markets.
  15. Absolutely love the new single. Wasn’t expecting to at all!

    His Eurovision performance suited the mood and atmosphere perfectly. Miming or not (who cares, frankly - he had a big night of presenting to contend with too) it was great.
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  16. Origin of Love is incredible. I legit keep going back to the title track, Love You When I'm Drunk and Stardust. The latter is euphoric and saccharine pop.
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  17. An underrated bop.
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  18. I do love The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

    Also, the bonus tracks on the French edition of The Origin of Love make it worth tracking down...
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  19. SmileySulker

    SmileySulker Guest

    It's been on repeat, on the beat, on repeat, on the beat, on repeat... The song is addicting! He should have already released the music video...
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  20. SmileySulker

    SmileySulker Guest

    Well, after reading some of your comments, it makes me believe that you guys didn't give the other albums a chance.

    Anyway, I don't complain that much about his last album, when Tomorrow is a highlight of his career. I mean...

    T-shirt off, breeze coming in
    Leather seat catching on the skin
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