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Miles Away (Madonna) - 3rd Confirmed Single

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Fanmade cover [obviously, Ottawa is misspelled]

    From Madge-Tribe:

    "MadonnaTribe News has just heard from reliable sources that it's 200% confirmed at this moment that Miles Away is going to be the third single off the Hard Candy album even though we don't have any info on the video at this point. Stay tuned!"
  2. One of the only songs I like from the album so YAY!
  3. i prefer the beat goes on as third single, miles away is one of the low moments on hard candy imo
  4. as a madonna fan who has bought all her albums, id say "miles away" is one of the very few songs from hard candy that can stand up to her previous works quality. therefore its the perfect 3rd single choice.
    also why do people love "beat goes on"?? its bloody awful.
  5. This song is shit.

    All that godawful margarine-tub Timbaland percussion, along with his 'picky pickys' just ruin the song.
  6. Can we have a link to this news please? I can't find it.
  7. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    I really feel this would be a quality hit for Madonna if she wanted it, I'm not so sure she does these days.
  8. ^very true.

    I wouldn't say its my favorite song from the album, although it's a great track, but its definitely the most obvious single from the album in my opinion. I doubt madonna gives a rats behind about it though. I'm expecting a live video/ behind the scenes of the tour, or some shoddy green screen affair a la Love Profusion.
  9. It's the only song off Hard Candy I can listen to...though, as I've said before, I'd like a nice electro-chill remix of it rather than the ploddingly predictable production of the album version.
  10. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    What I love about this song is that it possesses an element of timeless-ness to it, I hear the Madonna who recorded 'Borderline' in this song, and the one who recorded 'Ray of Light'. There's real emotion and warmth to it, it's not as calculating as the rest of Madonna's life right now.
  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    ^Eek! We totally agree again.
  12. !GiveIt2Me!

    !GiveIt2Me! Guest

    ugh this song is SOOOOO Gay

    I can totally imagine the over-literalist (natch) video wherein Madonna is flying around in jets, performing on stage, looking pensive in gauzy closeup, etc etc etc

    this won't even chart in America.
  13. I liked Candy Shop as the 2nd/3rd single. I guess the song is okay, better than most of the stuff on Hard Candy.
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  15. This is a nice song, and I expected it to be the 3rd single.
  16. This is a nice choice for Europe but no way in America, unless she wants another brilliant #122 !
    Anyway, I think the HC candy era is over now, let's wait for the show.
  17. I would have prefered Dance 2nite. not really a fan of Miles Away or Beat Goes On
  18. How can you say the HC era has ended?! The 2nd single has only just been released and the tour in support of the album hasn't even staretd yet! I'd say this is just the beginning, don't be so quick to write off!

    It's a fun album, and if she really wanted to Madonna could milk this ala Nelly Furtado.

    She should however release The Devil Wouldn't Recognise You as the next single this autmn, and follow that with Miles Away early 2009 to coincide with Valentines. She could then do a specific release of Spanish Lessons/Heartbeat in Spain and other random European territories and a last release of Dance 2Nite just for the US which would no doubt get released over here in the UK too.
    Madonna/her record company ALWAYS screw up her recent releases though. If she knows she is going on tour I don't understand why she doesn't film the music videos in advance... It's always disappointing that the back end of her singles always get a shoddy half hearted release... (What It Feels Like For A Girl, Nothing Fails, Love Profusion, Get Together, Jump...). They rely too much on just her name... 'MADONNA'.
  19. Very nice song, feels like one of the more 'traditional Madonna' songs on Hard Candy

    Devil Wouldn't Recognize You needs to be released though! And She's Not Me would make for a great single too.
  20. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    The America charts are a joke, anyway.
    I don't think she cares.

    I like this song quite a lot.
    But the backing music and production is fricky frickin' awful.
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