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Miley Cyrus - Bangerz World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Same as posted above, the post in fb just said she had started to get better then had got worse again and the doctor won't let her travel - I'm paraphrasing but words to that affect.
  2. If she cancels London....gurrrrrrl.
  3. So she was fucking AMAZING. Praise ha.
  4. KAG


    I'm not a Miley fan and I didn't attend last night's gig but I know a lot of people that did go and they all loved it.
  5. I was shocked at how good she was. Considering she wasn't on my radar a year ago. This tour is everything. So much confidence and stage presence in this show. Fucking brilliant.
  6. Her voice was seriously out of this world though; her Jolene cover brought the house DOWN. Also, no 'Party in the USA' for us, wasn't too pleased with that but everything else was on fire and the energy never relented from the get-go.
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  7. Jessie J ha impact.

    Is Sky doing the whole tour then? Her 'locations' instagram looked suspiciously similar to Miley's give or take a few stops?
  8. You didnt stay for Party In The USA?!?? It was amazing! As was the whole show and that comes from someone who wasn't even that excited about it.
  9. Sinful, ha attempts to beat traffic.
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  10. Sinful, ha busful
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  12. You better stan Lily! (from Lily Allen's Twitter)
  13. Miley rocked it last night. Crazy gal.
  14. Aaaaaah cannot wait for this next week!
  15. So is Sky Ferreira still supporting her?
  16. Amazing.
  17. So did she sing Best Of Both Worlds like people were saying on twitter? I think I'll die if she sings it at Leeds!
  18. Not at my show, but with my track record who knows? Maybe she came back on for a 2 hour acoustic jam of Hannah Montana bops.
  19. Does anyone know what time this show roughly finishes? I'm seeing her in Leeds tomorrow but the last train is at 1010PM! I'm going to have to leave early I think eurghhhh
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