Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation


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I don't expect her to get up at 4AM to do radio tours and a Good Morning America concert, but to not even pop by Jimmy Fallon which she's done before even when she's not promoting anything, or tape a Vogue 73 Questions video which they'll work around her schedule for, or something... what is going on.
When it also becomes the fastest song in history to reach 800 million, 900 million and 1 billion streams

Thousand Miles NEEDS to be a single.
Yeah if she wants to kill the campaign stone dead. Blandest Miley song in years.

Finally listening on headphones and I'm a little shocked at her vocals? The verses on it meant to sound like that?
The verses of River are simply an abomination ddd. It's giving "we have a verse and a bridge, quick, freestyle into the mic!".