Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation

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Future Nostalgia eventually spiralled into a mess too.
Miss Dua Lipa did not hustle her ass off during a global pandemic, including live performances from the kitchen of her Airbnb, for the Future Nostalgia era to be labelled a mess!

Seriously though, imagine labelling a three year album campaign, that included multiple smash hit singles, a remix album, Studio 2054, a sold out world tour and an old school approach to performances (late night, awards and digital channels) a mess?

Like, it was the best era by a big pop girl in years. From the music videos, to the remix album, to the editorial photoshoots, to the visuals, and the plethora of performances, Dua kept us consistently fed.

If anything, Future Nostalgia should be the blueprint of how to market and sell an album / era. It’s a shame if anything Miley wasn’t a little more present in the same way as Dua in the lead up to the album dropping.
We're Good didn't even flop. She had two colossal hits swallow virtually everything else in the campaign. The re-release was a perfect encapsulation of the entire era outside of the standard album - the only misfire was not including the massive bop Crocodile Tears in exchange for something like Not My Problem.
Rewatching the backyard sessions. It’s nice revisiting it now knowing the songs…

Stand out songs for me at the moment are Rose Coloured Lenses, Wildcard, Island and Wonderwoman.

Edit: also love Thousand Miles too

I am actually really enjoying this album, I’m now perched for a tour.
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