Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation

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It really grates on me when people say things like "I was young" at... 30 dd

So many of my friends who are 27/28 act like they're a banana skin slip away from the grave and can't even  fathom going to a nightclub ("Oh no I'm in bed by 9 these days!!!!")... late 20s/30s is still young and curse 18 year old me for thinking it was ancient.

30 isn't old but it's old enough to know what you like and you don't like, which is all she's talking about. This whole last page is so obtuse for no reason... no wonder she chose the elusive no promo route.
I’m taking everything she’s saying at face value for now… There will be no Endless Summer Vacation tour, maybe we’ll get a few festival appearances next year and that’s it.

Whether she still has this mindset for the next era is the unknown, I’m definitely not taking it as ‘I’ll never tour again’.
Violet Chemistry, Island and Rose Colored Glasses... a trifecta.

In spite of the visual vacuity and the absolute shambles of... every aspect of this era, I guess I warmed up to Endless Summer Inertia in the end. And you know it's really over by now!

Endless Summer Remixed
Endless Summer Reloaded
Endless Summer Realized
Endless Summer Resumed
Endless Summer Repeated

whew, the possibilities.
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