Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation

Its also not like she needs the touring income... Miley seems to be more than minted for life.

I do think her covid era tv performances were some of the most creative and visually interesting things she has done, and maybe there is a way to do things like that again if she doesnt want to do an actual tour.
Do we think some form of residency is off the cards? She said she didn't want to be on the road but if she were in Vegas for example she can stay put, perform, and people could come to her.
I love the honesty, as I feel like there arent that many artists who refuse to do certain things that make a lot of money.

I'm baffled by some of the things rich rich singers especially put their name too, knowing its a cash grab when they literally don't need the money.
I giggle that she went from the quasi-existential "being in front of 100 thousand people feels very lonely" to the very matter of fact "I don't want to sleep on a bus and get dressed in a locker room". The reality is, tons of artists have said that touring is hard on the body and mind and she doesn't really owe anyone a tour, especially if she can afford not to. It's sad because she's a fucking fantastic performer but I'm sure she will find other ways to channel that.
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