Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation

Nothing she said in the interview was an issue. She doesn’t want to tour right now, that’s it. It’s a bummer for fans but also a reminder that touring is a grueling, and completely optional dd, aspect of the job.
But touring isn’t completely optional for most acts who somehow need to make money. She is in a fortunate situation.

Happy for her that she can do what’s best for her of course. I was lucky enough to see her live before and know that it’s a loss if she actually doesn’t tour again. Hope some residency or festivals shows are in the cards whenever she feels like it.
I'm not mad at the lack of promo since she's explained herself and the music is very much keeping me occupied. I wish the Jaded video felt a little more involved, but if she's going the route of delivering more content via a volume two or re-release to keep fans engaged, I'm totally here for that.

She hasn't been in front of the screen much, but all the rollouts have been really well done, it isn't a start-stop campaign with no real focus. They had to swap the second single out, and there's seemingly more to come.