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Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. The black dancers in the We Can't Stop dancers is probably the least of it. The more concerning bit is her documented obsession with Nicki's body through her instagram, where over the past year she's posted edits that have photoshopped her own head onto Nicki's body, edits that photoshop her into grabbing Nicki's breats, Nicki's ass, recreating looks of Nicki's and Lil Kim's as tribute, etc.

    She has a clear fascination (that's well-documented) with the bodies of black women, using people like Nicki and Lil Kim as her muses. It just makes it more interesting then that she thinks Nicki is a "bitch" and a "nasty person" for speaking out on racism and makes it clear what Miley thinks the value of black women is, and it's certainly not their words or ideas. Liking Nicki's ass isn't wrong on its own - liking an outfit she wore isn't wrong, but when you go out of your way to fetishize black women's bodies, to only then try to silence them? Yikes.

  2. Remembering this exists amidst the madness...
  3. I'm about 8 tracks into this thing, and now have the worst throbbing headache. I just don't get it.
    Miley and me do not mix. I tried Bangerz and now this; none of it is for me.
  4. Forever screaming at certain important issues constantly being reduced to a blogging website that barely existed 5 years ago.
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  5. Or maybe she likes her body but doesn't like her personality. Perfectly legitimate.
  6. It's like a fucking circle of misery and excrement


    like we get it but you aren't going to solve the world in fucking pop & justice or lists & charts
  7. After listening to this pretty much all day, Cyrus Skies is clearly my favourite. 1 Sun, Karen Don't Be Sad, Lighter and Tiger Dreams come close.
  8. You need to find an actual hobby.

    Meanwhile, the album is okay. 1 Sun is great.
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  10. I get so embarrassed every time I see the term "social justice warrior" used unironically. Or people conflating the whole of Tumblr with the social-justice thing when most of it is porn and fandoms (you might as well do the same for Facebook at this point).

    Living for this album though. What a mess.
  11. The beginning of Milky Milky Milk... legitimately freaks me out.
  12. Ariel Pink's music is just so awful. "Tiger Dreams" reminds me of the reasons I disliked Soko's album so much.
  13. RJF


    Oh yeah, this is what a Big Pop Girl era is like! It's been a while.
  14. It reminds me of something out of Homestar Runner.

    da miLkEh Myuilkey muilK...da MILKEH MILKEH MIIIIILKER MIYULK
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  15. Let alone the fact that just how racist and embarrassing the show was has been covered by nearly every news outlet there is that you have to literally be actively trying to avoid anything that mentions race to not know.

    Who knew teens on Tumblr wrote for that many publications.
  16. It's dark-sided whatever it is, and I want no part of it (re: the opening of Milky Milky Milk).

    *insert God Warrior gif here*
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  17. I really love the sequencing of 'Lighter' following 'I Get So Scared'.

    I feel like I'm not seeing enough buzz about this online. It feels like it will be forgotten in a week.
    I really hope SNL and such will keep things going a bit.
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  18. I mean do you have those links ready to go or did you just go diving just for this conversation?

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  19. "- turned a black man's speech about his literal demonization into a joke about drugs"

    Oh my days...
  20. RJF


    I had forgotten what... Sanctuary was like. 10/10 for effort, boo.
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