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Miley Cyrus - MC7

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Mothers Daughter should have been pushed with all forces, it was catchy but had an edge, felt like progress and was overall a great unexpected but fitting song.

    Slide Away was stunning and maybe she didn’t want to go to far in because of the connections to her ex?

    Anyway it’s time. Do it Miley.
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  2. I hope it’s a misunderstanding and it’s just news that Miley wants to stop chain smoking on August 28th at 6am.

    This collab is really the worst possible scenario to start an album campaign.
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  3. Who said that.gif
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  4. It's just such a... choice when she has the Mark Ronson collab right there.
  5. RMK


    The Chainsmokers won't even get her a guaranteed hit. The song has to genuinely be good, it isn't 2016.
  6. Yeah, I'm very puzzled by The Chainsmokers being involved.

    That said, and I say this as someone who loathed them at their peak, they're not completely incapable of making a good bop. I liked their song with Bebe.
  7. Side Effects and This Feeling were cute (literally just because of their features) but there’s no need for anyone to be working with them in 2020.
  8. I want some more Slide Aways asap.
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  9. I still scream when I think about her putting out an EP called She Is Coming and then....forgetting to actually come.
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  10. Start All Over slaps.
  11. What's the meaning of this? *eye emoji*
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  12. She’s coming, again, but it may (or may not) actually happen this time
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  13. The way I'm certain this album is gonna have an updated rock sound similar to something like this, and she tweets this...I'm NOT READY.
  14. Whenever she is ready but could she please reissue the Dead Petz one on vinyl while preparing? Thank you. The three LP one is going way above 200 on Discogs and I want it.
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  15. Wow, that tweet would have had me slightly gagged if we didn’t already know what’s at the end of the tunnel waiting for us nn
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  16. She actually is coming!
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  17. I still think it's possible the collab is tor their project and separate from her album.
  18. Yeah, there’s more coming. Album plans are in place too but obviously that can easily shift as it has.
  19. Start All Over is the greatest song of all time
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