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Miley Cyrus - MC7

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. I don't know why explaining who Max Martin is in that tweet is sending me.
  2. The track was pretty inspired by the Weeknd’s sound, which I think you can hear in the tease already.
  3. And the fact that Don't Call Me Angel is the example they use just makes it better. I get that it's probably only because it was the last Miley-related thing he worked on, but...???
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  4. "The mastermind behind such iconic hits as Bo Bice's "U Make Me Better" and 5ive's "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)!"
  5. 'He produced a lot of smash hits'
    It's either a fan from a non english country or a kid or both.
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  6. Is Dua the Kevin Bacon of the music industry by this point
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  7. Apparently the single cover is from the Backyard sessions she filmed two weeks ago.
  8. RMK


    I absolutely love the imagery she’s been teasing since January. The shoot for ‘She Is Here’ and aesthetic since the first launch is arguably her best ever, but I do wish the name changed. ‘She Is Miley Cyrus’ will sit next to ‘Meet Miley Cyrus’ and a failed EP template.
  9. When this is amazing and she starts raking in the praise:
    The fact that I've been wanting them to work together for years (Don't Call Me Angel was Ari so it doesn't really count)...I'm not ready.
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  10. Better than Dead Petz? Hmmmm
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  11. I definitely think it's possible. The stars seem to be aligning.
  12. Don't Call Me Angel would have been better as a solo Miley track. She's the only one who didn't sound bored out of her mind.

    And why would Lana want to be on a song called "Don't Call Me Angel" when her entire shtick is being called "angel" and "sugarpuss" by her cocaine smuggling daddy?
  13. I’m still convinced Don’t Call Me Angel was the product of three demos being spliced into one song.
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  14. I’ve felt bad for her sometimes over the years. As a child star, it must be very hard to develop your sense of self, like it must really damage your ego and mess with your head in ways I can’t even comprehend.
    She’s a messy pop star but I feel like she’s...finally finding her identity? Her artistic direction in all aspects is pretty on point. I don’t know about commercial success, but if she’s happy just doing what’s shes doing...good for her I guess. The music is also really good, and it’s nice to see her settling into an image of sorts.
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  15. That pic with Dua gives me Joan Jett and Cherrie Currie vibes.
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  16. Kind of want Tei Shi to write for Miley because whew this would be a great single for her.

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  17. She is BACK.
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  18. Love that single cover so much
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  19. Oh my God I could cry so happy it's officially confirmed.

    ALSO this lends weight to my whole "the Chainsmokers song is for them and not her" theory dddd.
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