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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. I wish Andrew Wyatt was still on production.
  2. Watching the video for the 10th time ddd.

    Earlier I was watching the movie The Runaways and can see the inspiration for this
  3. I absolutely hate this, too, but it does make the song sound better on radio in the car. It just takes away the experience when you're listening to it on your headphones or outside.
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  4. I know. But I‘m not listening to anything anymore before the official release, I want the full plastic hearts experience.
  5. It´s a grower. I am really loving this though its a bit weird that the opening, first verse+chorus are the strongest and after that it kind of plateaus...
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  6. I actually thought Beat It by M*chael J*acks*n too for the verses.
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  7. I listened to this three times yesterday and don’t have any recollection of what it sounds like. It’s quite forgettable compared to Dua and Miley’s recent output? I am yet to watch the video though so I hope it will elevate the song for me.
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  8. This trend actually was used a lot in pop songs a decade ago and has popped up here and there ever since, but the difference usually was that the last chorus legitimately popped off. The end result is much more exciting that way.


    Like, I wish the last chorus of Prisoner had everything thrown at it, the kitchen sink and then some. Instead, it's just there.
  9. This starts at #5 on both US and UK Spotify + #11 Global. It's the top debut in the UK, third in the US behind * gags * Shawn/Bieber and.... * vomits * Morgan Wallen.
  10. With over 4m streams. A great start. Top 10 debut in the UK and top 20 Hot 100 would be great.
  11. It’s a shame that this song isn’t as good as it ought to have been.
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  12. The boots they’re wearing are everything!

  13. I honestly can’t get enough of the Edge of Midnight mix. It sounds so obvious listening to the original now. Brilliant move.
  14. This song has taken over my life.
  15. One of the reasons why the new Jessie Ware album, What's Your Pleasure, that's available now on streaming services, is so effective is because it balances this so well. The production gives the vocals time to breathe.
  16. Now I know what's gonna be on Plastic Hearts, I can finally get this custom pressed.
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  17. Party Up The Street deserves the world.
  18. I love this.
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  19. Why would you want a fictional album with such a frightful tracklist pressed though ddd
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  20. She Is Coming was one of my favourite things to come out of 2019 and the B side is exactly that, a nice B-side of tracks from the era.
    But go off, I guess.
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