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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. The way she keeps surprising the non-believers.


  2. The only problem is that she's #1 on the sales chart but the streaming is not being enough for her to claim at least top 5. so frustrating to see the top 10 being all tik tok viral songs.
  3. Sis, this is like... needlessly dishonest ddd.

    I didn't "go back 11 years... to find an example". I pointed out to you that she had consistent radio support from 2007 to 2013 and several radio hits. Please tell me what Top 40 radio station in the US you expected to put on power rotation something like.... this:

    Stans can't have it both ways - Dead Petz can't have been some risky rejection of mainstream pop *and* she unfairly didn't get lots of radio play. Which means following a 6-year peak of commercial highs, she decided to take what was effectively a 3 year break to then comeback with an era that effectively ended at 1.5 singles, which leads her here, another 3 years later between eras, going on 4, of confused singles and half-hearted attempts at a comeback.

    You tried arguing - and I quote - "radio refuses to give her much support" and "Miley has never been a radio darling" - when that's just objectively not true. She's not being slighted or unfairly maligned by Top 40 radio. Her position is much a product of her own doing. I know stans love mythologizing and stuff, but let's not frame her as having hardships she's never had.
  4. Please show me where I said I expected her to get radio support during the Dead Pets era? And my point about radio refusing to give her much support was in the context of Midnight Sky, which is languishing with less radio support than newcomer and one-hit wonder Ava Max's Kings and Queens at the moment, which I find surprising given that she has a big name and is pretty successfully riding a comeback narrative across the media, social media etc.

    What's also needlessly dishonest is pretending that me saying she hasn't been a radio darling is the asme thing as being "unfairly maligned". There's a pretty big gap between radio not jumping on board with her releases automatically, and her being maligned. And radio support she got as an adolescent doesn't disprove that point for me.

    I simply feel that radio could have embraced in particular Malibu and Midnight Sky much more, as big 'comeback' songs that fit into the current soundscape, and even Mother's Daughter. Each of those songs posted competent digital sales/streams (for a pop singer in the streaming era) that would easily have justified better radio support (Malibu coming at a time when digital sales were a little more important) before I get jumped on for mentioning those!).

    And I also never said that her taking big breaks was smart and not a factor in her current situation!

    Anyway, there are much bigger issues to fry, both with Mildred herself, and the influence of airplay on chart placements so let us not derail this thread much further.
  5. I don't see the point of getting too upset when she's just going to squander all of this goodwill she has with this single by not following up with anything for another six months if that. It is what it is at this point when it comes to Miley.
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  6. She just shot the video for the next single and it's coming either this or next month, though.
  7. I love her pulling her hair back. She looks great!
  8. I just want her to sing Best of Both Worlds anyday soon...
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  9. I enjoy her 80s influenced looks but I wish she had explored harder styling of the Mother's Daughter era some more.
  10. Yes girls.

    Ask and we shall receive.
  11. Ahh, a new season of Scream Queens, right in time for Halloween.
  12. Is this true? Isn’t that account fake?
  13. Sam


    Not Milcy
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  14. That's a fake account but I hope it's coming anyway.
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  15. Fuck! Milcy got me.
  16. Milcy Milcy Milc
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  17. My Milcy brings all the boys to the yard.

  18. Wishful thinking?
  19. Official Charts also said that Midnight Sky was produced by Max Martin.
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