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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. November sometime.
  2. I hope she actually delivers on this rock sound she keeps promising - you don't namedrop Wendy O Williams & the Plasmatics, or reference Courtney Love without delivering on it. Her first single already rips off Edge of Seventeen, so she might as well go all the way. Please, Miley... do not water it down.
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  3. She turned Gimme More into a country-rock serve
  4. I love that she went for Gimme More instead of a boring acoustic cover of Toxic that's been done a million times.
  5. She sounds great on that cover. Her tone of voice and the fact that she's able to sing so comfortably in a lower key really give her so much freedom as a musician to put great twists on things. It's a joy to listen to her interpret music.
  6. I’m in awe of that cover. The way her voice progressed is just wonderful.
  7. Love it!
  8. So where's the full thing...?
  9. This is just a teaser that was shown on MTV. Full thing coming tomorrow!
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  10. She sounds great on this.
  11. Gimme More sounds ok. She was never gonna sound bad on...anything... but the chorus is not made for an interpretation that isn't icy electro-pop, really.
  12. Those verses on Gimme More... have I got time to buy some superglue before this airs? Otherwise wig in orbit.
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  13. I mean, I despise this arrangement, but I can’t express how much I appreciate the song choice.
  14. I disagree. I think it surprisingly works perfectly. It's giving me desert road trip music and i'm gonna need her to upload it on Spotify immediately after this.

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  15. Well I just learned the lyrics aren't "feels like the bride is saying"

  16. Better quality
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  17. god no-one can touch her right now.. and she looks incredible in that dress
  18. The snippet is heavenly.
  19. I feel like Womanizer or Till The World Ends would’ve worked better with this, but nice to see Gimme More get its shine.
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  20. The production of Gimme More is so iconic and the chorus is so rhythmic and repetitive I was wondering how she would twist it to her usual rootsy, country-leaning vocal stylings but I think she pulled it off.
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