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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Unpopular opinion maybe but I thought her Heart Of Glass cover was terrible. Her voice works so much better on something like this.
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  2. It was a bit shouty but I think that could have been improved by taking it down half a step or even a whole step. She sounded like she was at the top of her range.
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  3. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I mean, we have to give credit where it’s due, Miley is clearly a better Britney stan than that.

    I agree with the suggestions that the arrangement is a little suspect, and the song itself doesn’t exactly lend itself to be taken out its own production. That’s the thing about Britney covers, her songs are so uniquely tied to the matching of the production and her voice that it’s hard for someone else to reimagine the magic. I would have suggested If U Seek Amy.
  4. My body is ready.
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  5. I love her voice on the cover she sounds amazing, I wish the arrangement had a bit more punch though.
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  6. It was a lot shouty ddd.
  7. Miley covering my favourite and often overlooked (by the GP) Britney track. 2020 is finally giving back to me.
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  8. Toy Soldier is the song for her on Blackout.
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  9. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Oh she sounds vastly superior on that cover than Heart of Glass. Gimme More works as the cover choice simply for the parallel to her own career, no?

    I’m also wondering if those vinyl hearts(?) in the background are a hint to the album name.
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  10. Premieres October 17th at 10:15 PM EST:

  11. "Plastic Heart" is a song title I've heard about, so maybe a reference to it. I wouldn't mind it as an album title. Better than She Is Miley Cyrus, in my opinion.
  12. BTG


    Girls. I’m stanning. But will the album be half as enjoyable these covers? I’m perched.
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  13. tea


    She was definitely pushing her voice in Heart of Glass, but it's not like she was just shouting the words? Except maybe the oOOOoo wooahhh's which could have toned back on the distortion. She was full belt pretty much the entire time, but it never sounded strained or like she didn't have control over the notes.

    The Gimme More cover works better than I expected, but that chorus just sounds kinda awkward.
  14. Heart of Glass would have sounded flat if she took the key down even by a semi-tone. She pitched it perfectly.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Imagine a world where Ariana releases another album before this is out, imagine a world like that. That will be 3 albums since this thread was first created ffff.
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  16. HMD


    I’m really liking the cover. Can’t wait to have the full thing!
  17. I actually really like this. Way better than the Heart Of Glass cover.
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  18. Don’t do Madonna like that.
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  19. The way I thought about her... I didn't hate it! She should stick to Between the Bars though.
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  20. That's... a depressing thought ddd.

    I really hope she can get an album out early next year (or this year...if she can, but that doesn't sound realistic).
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