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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. It’s so jarring seeing all the good will that has been generated off the back of Midnight Sky leading to nothing. Can she announce the album already please!
  2. It's likely to hit a new UK peak this week. It's not like that momentum is in the rearview mirror yet.
  3. It's still massive here and she's shot the video for the Dua collab, which she's said is coming 'pretty soon'. It's not like she's letting it all dissipate ala the time after Slide Away.
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  4. Miley sensing any talk of an album.

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  5. Yep. In fact, it just reached a new peak of #6!
  6. This is definitely her biggest solo hit since the Bangerz era, isn’t it? I would love for it to creep into the Top 3 eventually.
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  7. The UK Top 30 is the absolute pits right now but... a pop justice for Midnight Sky.
  8. I kinda wish if she was going to duet with Noah for this Backyard Sessions that they'd have done July.
  9. The song she did with Noah was so beautiful. Noah sounds amazing!
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  10. Where can you watch this? I’m intrigued. As annoying as she was at the start, Noah’s last EP including July was actually fantastic.
  11. I downloaded the MTV app and watched it live. Then immediately cancelled my free trial subscription.
  12. I just saw it on insta. Was amazing, she sounds a lot like Miley at the beginning.

  13. Ugh her 80s coke Miami excess look really is a l o o k.
  14. My mind!!
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  15. I loved her cover of Gimme More. So good!

  16. Roisin in 3,2,1....And just last week I released a song called "Something More" which is also about being insatiable! Stream Roisin Machine!

    No, for real, do it.
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  17. THIS deserves the Heart Of Glass level of praise we saw a few weeks back.

    Spotify please!
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  18. Yeah I love this. Why so short though?
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