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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. I’m still on Never Be Me.

    I get shivers every time I hear it and I’ve listened to it a lot since Friday.

    One of the best she has written.
  2. The haunting intro alone...
    It's perfect for the credits of an 80s teen film, in the best way.
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  3. It feels weird to say because it's so huge internationally, but I'm kind of surprised they went with "Midnight Sky" as the lead (in the US anyway), listening to the album. There are much easier hits on here. "Never Be Me" and "High" and "Angels Like You" sound more radio-friendly and have some buzzy tabloid appeal.

    This is a good album. I'm one of the people who thinks Miley just has too much baggage to probably ever be an interesting popstar, but I think creatively this album has been really well-executed.
  4. Midnight Sky is tailor-made to follow the Blinding Lights sound, so it was a good lead for the US and everywhere else. It's just radio that sabotaged it in the USA no? Also we have to give props to Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, I think especially in Europe it set her up for hit and when Midnight Sky came mainstream radio (that didn't touch anything by her since maybe Bangerz?) was willing to give her a chance.

    Of course American also let Nothing Breaks Like A Heart flop.
  5. I feel the American GP population just don't want to give Miley a chance anymore and it upsets me greatly.
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  6. I don't know if it's the ~GP~ or she's not willing to put the work in with radio again like she's a new artist. Maybe they can build out this campaign like people have been saying and set her up better for her next era.
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  7. All that merch looks really fun but having it all ship next year? That’s a big mess, how many albums has she got left with RCA?
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  8. Night Crawling. What a triumph.
  9. Just anecdotally, I think many in the United States consider Miley to be an annoying person. I don't think a lot of people here are willing to give her a chance.
  10. Yes, whenever I mention her to people they bring up her performance with Robin Thicke and other sexualized performances. They can’t seem to move past that. I think the fact that she started out as a clean cut Disney artist led to more of a backlash against her doing those type of things than other artists. Also they complain about her father being famous and say she hasn’t really worked for success as compared to other artists who don’t have parents in the music business. Further, she has confused people with her radical shifts in musical style.
  11. Midnight Sky is the perfect lead single
  12. WTF Do I Know
    Plastic Hearts
    Gimme What I Want
    Night Crawling*
    Midnight Sky*
    Never Be Me
    Golden G String

    They are all perfect the rest are not I’m afraid, I just don’t hear what everyone’s hearing with Angels Like You it sounds very 00’s In the most most bland way.

    *are AMAZING
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  13. Sometimes i stay up at night,
    because you dont ever talk to me in my dreams

  14. I really enjoyed this on first listen and I’ve gone back a lot ever since. I’ll admit that my relationship with her has been on//off for a few years (Slide Away being a real highlight) but this album is great. And it’s a sound I didn’t really expect her to go at the moment.
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  15. Are we sure we're talking the "GP" because most people would be like hehe it's The Climb! I listen to Party in the USA every 4th of July! Outdated reference to swinging on a Wrecking Ball! Like... I agree that people find her annoying, but I hardly think anyone is mulling over her Robin Thicke performance (in 2020!), father's success, or shifts in musical genres that locals wouldn't have noticed. Most people seem to think she's either talented or too shouty. Her biggest problem is that she generally doesn't wield her promotional opportunities well and spends too much time "away" in between eras.
  16. Night Crawling is so fucking good. It feels like such a missed opportunity to have not released it around Halloween time, it's got such a spooky atmosphere to it. This album is going from strength to strength for me, I love the rockier edge for her.
  17. Yeah, I think this era could actually be a cute momentum builder for her if she put out another single in maybe late January. Then maybe drop a couple of acoustic performances of album tracks after that or even just throw out a video for a 4th track, before starting a new campaign towards the end of 2021 with the album dropping early 2022. Sonically trying to either lean more into the likes of either High/Angels Like You which probably suit her voice the best, or the 80's pop of Midnight Sky and away from Hate Me or WTF Do I Know which feel a little too Ashlee Simpson's debut era.

    In reality we'll another 4 years of fuckery and speculation about the timing and sound of her next album, complete with a brand new authentic Miley.
  18. Ok, not this album slowly becoming one of my faves of the year. Never be me & Golden g string giving me Dead Petz. So good.
  19. I just want a tour. Imagine Night Crawling, Gimme What I Want and Midnight Sky in an arena setting...
  20. Maybe because the people I talked to are a bit older than current radio listeners and those are the things they mentioned to me. Just reporting what they said.
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