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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Likewise. I bought it immediately after it went up on iTunes in case it was a glitch. 1 Sun is the absolute anxiety-inducing bop. Love it and hate it.
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  2. I’m really glad she took the time she needed and made such a cohesive, strong album.

    it is frustrating though because I feel like she’s done permanent damage to her image, and a lot of people don’t care to give her another shot. Last year I felt like she started so strong with Nothing Breaks Like a Heart, and all of the positive buzz from Black Mirror /On a Roll. Then she started to be messy on social media and released one of the most identity crisis ridden releases I’ve heard, with this mess

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  3. The EP was definitely a step in the right direction though. But yes, Catittude had no place being in there as much as I kinda love it.
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  4. I maintain that Younger Now is a good album if we view in in a vacuum. The music is decent, the persona & narrative behind it much less so.

    I also think it's very rare that 'bad' music can turn people off anyway. It was more that she released an album with little commercial appeal (in both its sonic content & narrative), and now she's 7 years out from her big pop girl moment. It's just a shame she wasn't able to overcome that when she finally brought the right album & narrative to the table.

    She was clearly still working through the way Hannah Montana warped her sense of identity (and how that caused problems in the Liam relationship), she just... wasn't ready to release the album she needed to at the time. And now we have these first week numbers.
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  5. I think labels didn't really know how to treat a project like that from a pop artist back then. If something like that happened today there's no way it wouldn't be straight on streaming and iTunes, but back then SoundCloud releases were quite common (for mixtapes, even single premieres).

    There might have been an element of the label thinking it was the wrong direction and wanting as little to do with it as possible too.
  6. I think a factor would be how long your career is? Miley and Katy came around at the same time so their careers “feel” similarly old. Katy and Gaga aren’t that far off in age from Britney, for example, but they still felt one generation apart. I guess it’s an overexposure factor, too.
  7. Yesss such a great song. Feel free to support it in my upcoming second part of the Miley rate.
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  8. RMK


    Regardless of where she's at commercially now, I don't think her celebrity engulfing her artistry is permanent. It just looks like the time she spent in her ~lull will equate to the amount of time she'll have to spend getting out of it. If she's releasing albums and singles as good as these, then eventually something should latch on. I feel like a lot of celebrities in her position go through the same thing.. Selena Gomez's name was bigger than ever, yet Bad Liar didn't latch on upon release. Lose You To Love Me became her first number one single after, like, six different releases. It's been said previously, but Angels Like You is her best bet. This era deserves full-on treatment, and the album is amazing. It just may take a minute to win people back.
  9. I loved Angels Like You, and Gimme What I Want on first listen. I don’t know what else will stick with me, but it’s obvious this is miles ahead of anything she’s released since Bangerz. That isn’t necessarily a compliment to be clear.

    I have a weird love/hate relationship with the covers. They can be incredibly grating, yet very satisfying at the same time? It’s nice that Stevie took an active part in the mash up; I was surprised to hear new vocals.

    Overall great progression for Miley. Let’s hope she sticks to it!
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    See that's... RCA needs to figure their shit out. It's embarrassing.
  11. She posted a note instead
  12. It's great that she acknowledged it. I had no idea stores didn't stock new CDs on Black Friday.
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  13. Also the fact she's not doing any promo this week is very telling. Imagine Angels Like You / Night Crawling at SNL.
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  14. Wait!! So the first week sales would have actually been higher?

  15. I went to the nearest metropolitan area to find a copy on release day. Of all the major retailers, I found one Barnes and Noble that had one copy, which they already sold. Yikes.

    I really don’t understand the label logic here. I think it’s fair to argue that physical formats have a limited audience – namely, dedicated fans – and tight profit margins. Why would you purposely propose Black Friday as a release date, knowing stores wouldn’t stock the physical release on time, and fail to capitalize on the fans who would rush out and spend the money on a copy? By not getting the copies on the shelf when expected, you’re spending money to press and ship copies to... maybe not make it back. Doesn’t make sense to me, but WTF Do I Know?

    Anyway, even as someone who unironically loved Bangerz, I think Plastic Hearts is easily Miley’s best record. The oscillation from glam rock to gritty country as the record unfolds feels natural, and the featured artists sound like appropriate inclusions on their respective songs. Midnight Sky is still the crowning jewel at the centerfold, but so many of these melodies and lyrics have been stuck in my head all weekend. Hate Me, Angels Like You, Bad Karma, Gimme What I Want... all major highlights!

    I wrote a bunch about the record here, if you care to read:
  16. I can't believe the user who said Britney Spears fans are the QAnon/Russiagaters of pop were right.

  17. Someone shut RCA down already

    Edit: also how has it been over a decade and I still see Mr. King Alex popping up? Dd
  18. I remember this happening with Hilary Duff's last album too. RCA doesn't stock many copies when they don't have big expectations.
  19. RMK


    The Weeknd dropped Starboy on Black Friday years ago, and there wasn't an issue of shipments to my knowledge. Must be a newer thing.
  20. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up getting bought out by another label.
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