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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. They did this with Glory too.
  2. Ugh that's so incredibly frustrating, RCA needs to get it together.
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  3. They didn't release the CD until the following Monday
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  4. I think it's nice that critics seems good with the album holding 79 on Metacritic now. I had no idea her highest score was a 66. The "floppage" is annoying but I think it's nothing too shocking. Honestly, Malibu felt much more like "a moment" than Midnight Sky, and back then it felt like they fucked up momentum with timing. The way she really did a 180 with "oh no album til I can tour again!" while promoting Midnight Sky and then "Oh November 27th!!" when pretty much nothing else was happening... just odd.
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  5. I know back in the day, Black Friday release week was considered a prime spot because CD sales were higher. Nicki's Pink Friday was pushed up to that week (back when albums came on a Monday), even though they knew it meant missing out on the #1 spot to Kanye.

    I assume this is since they changed release dates to Friday, and they're too busy with Black Friday stock to put the new albums out in time?
  6. Ddd didn’t Nicki have a meltdown because retailers didn’t stock The Re-Up on Black Friday or something?
  7. tea


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  8. Prisoner is one of the worst songs on the album.
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  9. tea


    No <3

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  10. RJF


    "usual suspects", "certain people", "some users"... do y'all think if you don't @ me or quote me directly that I'll just forget I posted in the thread and not come back to deal with the stuff you're too cowardly to actively confront me about but still want to chance posting anyway? A mess. I appear to have made roughly thirty or so posts in this thread in four months. In what world is that at all perched? Those posts have either been glib, jokey posts about me disliking Miley, or... me saying her singles were good, and rightfully critiquing her campaign strategy. If someone wants to point out where I've been unreasonable, please do point me in the direction rather than hoping to just... say I've been unreasonable enough to the point where it becomes true.

    I want you to go back to that thread and that period of time you're talking about, since you seem to have been so pressed about it that it's still playing on your mind weeks later, and find me where I attacked Kylie, and not her album. I then want you to go and tell me who it was, out of all the posters involved, who started with personal attacks. And then you can come back here and apologise for posting bullshit. Thank you. I've reported your post for being bullshit in the meantime. Much love, fan!
  11. Don't think I haven't noticed and reveled in the fact that even you have had something nice to say about her music this era.
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  12. Yas i love when you go berserk. She came to read.
  13. To think this was the best Miley and dua could come up with
  14. Miley probably needed some more time to rehabilitate her image in the public eye before she came back with strong album sales. I'm not saying this is right, as all women in the industry obviously face misogyny that already puts them under unfair scrutiny and judgment, which Miley has certainly been subject to. However, she has done damage with both how she is viewed by the general public and through the "woke" twitter crowd by saying and doing dumb, problematic things. Including just this year. She hasn't garnered a really solid following, from my perception. And hasn't done much to endear herself to potential, new fans.

    I have seen occasional opportunities for her over the years, such as her performance of Jolene going somewhat viral and many people commenting about how "underrated" her talent is and the positive feedback she received with Slide Away and Mother's Daughter. However, the momentum passed with those singles and also she just is not generally perceived as a particularly exciting talent in the public eye.

    I say this as someone who enjoys this album. It's just not stellar enough to really shift her career forward. But it is nice.

    Users such as @Mikal commenting that it's "the usual suspects" a.k.a. it's just ""the hATeRs!!1" does nothing to engage conversation which is the very purpose of a forum.
  15. Liam was always going to get the public sympathy in their split because he is a handsome man and women almost always side with the handsome man (even in the Pitt-Aniston divorce it was Angelina who got the hate - not Brad). But Miley didn't help matters by immediately being in a relationship with a woman two days after their split was announced, then leaving her and weirdly sort of denouncing bisexuality by saying she just needed a good dick, and that 'good dick' was a D list pop star who was obviously loving the attention that relationship got him. I think she sometimes makes it hard for people to root for her, and a lot of that obviously - as @johnny_tsunami pointed out - is related to sexism, but her own wishy-washiness in relation to her public image (denouncing every single reinvention as soon as the album passes) also sends a mix message to the public about who she is. History will be kinder to her in that aspect than the moment is though.

    Reading this back I'm not sure where I was going with this but I'm not deleting it now.
  16. Was just reminded of "Cattitude"'s existence and since we're all sharing our theories, mine is that "Cattitude" is responsible for all of this (album flopping, pandemic, etc).

  17. Y'all better fess up

  18. It's interesting that you brought this up, because the backlash from the media/public this cause was partly what inspired Midnight Sky in the first place, with her wanting to reclaim her narrative. Like, yeah it seemed she was moving on really fast, but anyone paying attention - and let's be real, no one was - could tell that they were having issues, and wouldn't last, but the media loves a narrative that makes a woman look bad.

    And those comments - God I still cringe. I'm not sure how much attention they got from the GP, and I'm glad she's done her best to remind people she's queer as hell, but good God I hate that she said that.
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  19. I've slotted the two 'She Is...' singles in to a playlist as follows and haven't stopped playing it all weekend, seriously what an album. I think I had forgotten how much I love her voice, she imprinted on me hard as a young cig watching Hannah Montana on Disney Channel ddd.

    WTF Do I Know
    Plastic Hearts
    Angels Like You
    Gimme What I Want
    Mother’s Daughter
    Night Crawling
    Midnight Sky
    Hate Me
    Bad Karma
    Never Be Me
    Slide Away
    Golden G String
    Gimme More
    Heart of Glass
    Edge of Midnight Remix
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  20. Her personality hasn't resonated with girls for a while now. The wilder, free stage image in videos and performances is fine, but offstage, girls will always gravitate to more "pleasant" personalities like Taylor, Ariana and (as much as the forum dislikes her) Selena. Not saying it's right, but it is what it is.
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