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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. I don't know I find her impulsivity and outspokenness quite refreshing (when she's not sticking her foot in her mouth regarding sexuality and the like). I prefer her to the more manicured, media trained personalities. She reminds me of early Madonna, just less deliberate and clumsier, obviously.
  2. Yeah, the spunk is entertaining to watch and worked at times in pop history (though even Madge toned down her image at some point, which arguably contributed to her success), but the "cleaner" images predominantly get more love from the GP and actual album-buying stans. I'm not saying she should play nice and "be a good girl", but that's what sells. People say they want authentic, but they want a "pleasant" kind of authentic. Her past antics doesn't help, either.
  3. Tell that to Younger Now.
  4. Dddd good point, though Malibu did smash.
  5. 50k first week for a messy album from a polarising artist without a big hit and mediocre streaming numbers released by a label on it's last legs seems fine to me and what she should be doing?

    Megan Thee Stalion, a streaming force and one of 2020's hottest stars, with hip hop and rap being the most popular genre right now just did 100,000 first week.

    Adjust expectations.
  6. And Destiny Hope effectively pulled no physicals/bundles stunts so the numbers aren’t as inflated as the other girlies first weeks almost always are at the moment.

    Despite being the album campaign that should have had a fuck tonne of cool merch or physicals or whatever ready to go.
  7. And I just remembered Katy debuted with 50,000 for Smile and she had a bigger campaign, more pre-release songs, 50 formats and the old rules on her side plus a more active fanbase. Didn't she also have Idol and baby buzz and merch bundles?

    How on earth would Miley do more?
  8. Well, the album isn’t being stocked by many retailers, so that certainly would have helped.
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  9. Which brings us again to the part where she's doing fine regardless.
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  10. Does anyone know how the sizes come out for her merch? I wanna get myself this cute Midnight Sky t for when we can party up the street but not sure whether to get a small or a medium.
  11. I mean, yeah, but all this talk of “how would she do more?” when the answer seems pretty obvious.
  12. I think we're saying the same thing, her CD not being stocked falls under 'label on it's last legs'.
    People are making fun of 50k when the number isn't that disastrous all things considered.
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  13. Maybe there's hope.
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  14. Nn this is tea though. She's just not a very compelling (or likeable) artist. It's a double whammy.
  15. Miley is an immortalized gobshite and not a very clever one. The Bangerz campaign, however much it captured the 2013 pop culture zeitgeist, was super polarizing (in a 2014 Iggy/Bieber kind of way) and aged badly. It was probably the first domino to fall in terms of her depleting fanbase and cultural capital. The subsequent years after required laser precise damage control that she was either incapable of or denied. So artists like Halsey have occupied a space she might have had in 2020 had she... sorted her shit out. There's been attempts to repair things since that have had varying degrees of success but i doubt she'll ever "smash" again

    So yes. Much flop. Queen Ariana and Selena i... suppose? Im just relieved i have an album from one of my favourite voices in pop i can weaponize on the stan battleground that doesn't snap mid-joust. Maybe i relate to that gobshite title a little teW much but i do like her lots and do believe shes got a good sense of musicality, talent and a good... heart? シ heh
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  16. I feel like the defensiveness in this thread is slightly disproportionate to what’s actually been said about her projected sales? Like, my point in bringing them up was that I think she could’ve done better numbers with a better strategy. When a few of us questioned the decision to spend the majority of the time leading up to album release singing other people’s songs instead of her own material, with the second original song of the era not coming until more than 3 months after the lead (and long after it was already dead in the US), half of the thread jumped down our throats and said that actually it was a brilliant strategy that had given her lots of online buzz that would translate to increased sales. So is it not fair to speculate why that did not happen and what could’ve been done differently? Especially when it is a solid album that could/should’ve delivered better numbers with a less messy rollout from both the label and the artist.
  17. RJF


    Yeah, and we called Katy a flop too and discussed how her campaign had been a year-long hype drain and the reasons behind her audience erosion too, and no one got upset about release week being ruined by... uh, talking about the album getting released.
  18. I feel like the Bangerz era both made and broke her, and she didn't have a plan to recover from it. Her antics/controversies and everything had people paying attention, and she had some great songs to go along with it, but the thing about doing things like that....whatever magic antics like that create will be very short lived. People pay attention short term, but get tired off it fast. I think she needed to have a very strategic plan to rehab her image and turn the tides in her favor, and while she did make some moves that helped (The Voice, Malibu, etc), she made some other poor decisions that kind of marred whatever goodwill was starting to build. Releasing an album as great as this unfortunately isn't going to have people listening when she's done a pretty poor job in building up her image beforehand.

    At the end of the day, the music is great, but it is frustrating to think of what could've been if she was smarter over the past several years.
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  19. This album definitely has legs and Angels Like You is a smash in the waiting, but I'm not sure RCA is going to have the resources to push it / Miley is gonna want to promote. She does seem to be pretty fond of this album though so I guess time will tell.

    Midnight Sky > Prisoner > Angels Like You > Night Crawling (remix with Shawn Mendes or someone of that lot) > High would be a singles run for the ages.
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