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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. The fact she released a free, non-commercial record between Bangerz and Younger Now certainly did not help her.
  2. I seem to recall Miley was being called 'over' back in 2010 when Can't be Tamed didn't perform as well as her Disney/Hannah Montana stuff. In fact, that album only sold 100,000 in its first week. Bangerz did quite well, but that was coming off a massive wave of publicity and singles which were actually smashing/going viral. If you look at the figures, outside of Disney and 2013, Miley has never really been a massive albums artist so why did anyone believe she was going to be now?
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  3. Daylight Strolling
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  4. Of all the people to feature on a sleazy, sexy, cruising track...
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  5. Nn if y'all don't think every teen girl wouldn't eat that up. "Miley made Shawn raunchy!" "He's such a rockstar" etc, etc. I'm personally not a fan but he was originally going to be on the album and they seem to be friends, so I think it would be a great match. (He also a streaming / radio titan, so.)
  6. I feel like those girls would probably tear Miley apart for trying to "steal" Shawn from Camila, but then again I have no faith in people.

    Also his latest lead single tanked.
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  7. RMK


    I guess it comes down to age, but Miley's very far from hated or irrelevance. She also isn't in Katy's position. No one supported the whole Cody Simpson thing, but I don't really think the Hemsworth name drums up much opinion from.. Anyone? Miley Cyrus is just more polarizing, but I do think when it comes down to it there's interest there. Not.. Hate. We can theorize all day about what her best moves could've been, but I do think if Slide Away were her comeback single she would've had garnered a lot more success. She seems to start off campaigns with momentum built, less and less each time, and then it just.. Goes to waste.
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  8. Angels Like You - Prisoner - Gimme What I Want - Night Crawling - Midnight Sky

    A sequence of smashes most pleasing to me.
  9. I see that they aren't doing a vinyl release on her UK website, It's just the CD which is rather annoying.
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    The vinyl is screaming for a pink variant. The lack of options.. I hate to see it.
  11. The vinyl isn't pressed yet. It will most definitely go up for pre-order later on. Her webstore is overpriced, so you'd be best off getting it elsewhere anyway.
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  12. Also yeah the features (other than Dua) are kind of uninspired. We get the album is inspired by 80s synthpop/post punk/new wave, don't need Billy Idol there to prove it. I don't dislike his or Joan's contributions, and the songs are still great, but I feel like if she snatched different features it could have helped her streaming numbers and made the songs feel a little more...future nostalgia ya know. Can RCA afford The Weeknd? Dddd. Or just go solo.
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  13. The Joan feature is something I would love on paper but in reality they just don't sound different enough for it to really feel vital to the song. Luckily it's a bop either way, so I'm not too mad at it either.
  14. Im going to need Mildred to give me a live mashup of WTF do I know/Fly On The Wall ... STAT!

  15. [​IMG]
  16. Took me a few plays to warm up to this but absolutely loving the album now.

    Night Crawling is the one.

  17. 4 stars from Rolling Stone.
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  18. Her choice of 80s guests are clearly far more in line with her vision than just having streaming Titans for the sake of having them. Dua is one thing, but who is there thinking “wish Plastic Hearts had less identity in order to garner a few more streams!”? Billy and Joan are fun names to see pop up.
  19. Yea, I appreciate that she chose collaborators that she actually wanted to collaborate with rather than names she could slap on for the sake of boosting streams. The album, for better or worse, is very clearly the record that Miley wanted to make from top to bottom.
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