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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. It’s some point we have to remember music is supposed as a form of art to be enjoyed and not weaponised against other chart forces for the sake of it. Hate the labels and their (lack of) tactics, but don’t mangle the music.
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  2. Fair! I just think having more left field features, or none at all, would have been more interesting. I wasn't saying it only because I think it would have garnered more streams/interest (although it's not a bad thing either?). I hardly want Night Crawling marred by a lame guest.

    It's a nitpick anyway, not really a critique. Night Crawling is a highlight and Bad Karma slaps.
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  3. RJF


    Girl... This is a pop forum, and Miley isn't Fiona Apple. Commercial viability does play into how she operates and what she does, whether she admits it or not, and it's fine to discuss that. I don't think anyone has even come for the music in this thread since it dropped on Friday. It more or less leaves me cold outside of "Midnight Sky" and "Gimme What I Want", but Miley's voice just doesn't sit right with my spirit anyway (and I think a lot of the criticisms I made in the wake of Younger Now about how she operates artistically... still hold water, but this thread is on enough of a knife edge) so maybe I'm... missing something.

  4. It’s not the chat about what could have been/still be commercially, it’s the chat about removing Billy Idol and Joan Jett for Shawn Mendes and the Weeknd. I think we should let her have her flowers when it comes to choice of guests and be grateful that at least they weren’t excised for cold-blooded commercial viability (when it’s Shawn in particular, though the Weeknd isn’t an exciting collaborator choice either).
  5. I mean, it's only right of her to include actual artists from the era she's referencing considering half of the tracks on the album are completely built off of their songs ddddd.
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  6. In regards to why I distanced myself for a long-ass time, Mildew cosplaying hip-hop and Blackness during the Bangerz n Mash era played a significant role. She used her narrow grasp on Black culture to further develop this rebellious, no-longer-Disney image she cultivated for herself during the Can’t Be Tamed era, then slandered the very culture she willingly used when she needed to clean up her image during the Younger Now era. Many of my friends and peers share the same sentiment when it comes to Miley, so that’s likely another way she lost public appeal: through adopting a poor interpretation of Blackness and alienating most of her Black fanbase in the process.
  7. Another parallel with Katy’s latest and her releasing a Dagny album
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  8. Katy's album is good, but it isn't that good.
  9. Plus she jumped straight back to quoting Cardi B & Migos' lyrics about 'drip' and leaning back into the 'full-on heavy gold jewellery' aesthetic in the interim of Younger Now flopping and Midnight Sky's release. So the lashing she received the first time around hadn't quite sunk in.
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  10. Exactly; I almost forgot about that, so thanks for bringing it up!

    She really thought she could pivot back to something she stole and denounced when those Younger Now sale numbers didn’t add up like heauxs wouldn’t notice. Tuh!
  11. Yeah, I think a lot of the public's dizziness when it comes to Miley has to do with her every-era-image-change, but mainly because of how half-assed it's been in recent years. The Dead Petz freak-flag-hippie thing lasted maybe 6 months, then she was clean-loved-up-'70s-country-girl with Younger Now before she dropped it like a hot potato, only to suddenly revert to Drugs Rule Everything Around Me-rap-loving-Miley-meets-grunge for the even shorter Who Is Coming Next? EP era, & now she's Debbie Harry new wave punk-rawker grrl.

    And this was all within 3 years. She's a lot like Demi, except the difference is that Demi doesn't know who she is (genuinely) & Miley wants to be everything.

    This latest overhaul might be the most believable yet, considering she's always had a voice for... rock-leaning music, but I'm sure the public is just looking at it like another dose of Miley dress-up. And of course, the mid-'00s MySpace/Hot Topic stylistic slant is unsustainable, so... it's an easy out for her to switch it up next era again ddd.
  12. This is a good way of putting it. And I think has a lot to do with why there's a kind of permanent fatigue around her for most people I think. She's never really shaken the rich-kid-playing-dressup thing, which gives people no reason to invest in her from era to era.
  13. I do agree that with this album it’s clearer than maybe ever before that the music itself hasn’t shifted as much as her image (would have lead us to believe). The aural elements in each album are present elsewhere. The rapid-fire and high-profile image changes are disorientating I suppose (for locals) and can and have lead to even myself as a fan not considering eras particularly “high value” given how swiftly she drops them - aesthetic and music wise.

    Even at the time we were all a bit surprised by Bangerz being nothing like the title OR the huge image overhaul suggested. None of her albums have really married with the image she’s portrayed, nor differed as much from one to the other as has been described before. Plastic Hearts is perhaps her most “authentic” moment on this front, but no doubt she’ll dump it ASAP.
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  14. It's gonna be interesting to see if she sticks to this pop/rock lane with the next record or if she goes for a total reinvention again. Hopefully how warmly this has been received will give her some incentive to sort of stick to this lane and explore it further. But I'm not holding my breath. We're probably two weeks away from her announcing that she's been recording a trip-hop gospel record.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. Mother's Daughter, Unholy and Party Up the Street were really good so I wouldn't mind more of that.
  17. Slide Away is absolutely gorgeous and should’ve made the album.
  18. I watched about 20 minutes of her Zane Lowe interview and she said she gets in arguments with her friends regularly about “evolving every 5 minutes” in every aspect of her life. So yeah she’s probably already onto the next.
  19. An opportunity to talk about Adore You? I think it might be! I remember when it was announced as the single a lot of us (just me? I think a lot of us) were excited at the prospect of it because not only was it a great song that the general public had essentially forced into being a single, but it was a chance to do a 180 and surprise people. Right when everyone thought they knew what Bangerz era Miley was about she was gonna have this sweet, lovely ballad and if she got the video right could have kept everyones attention by being the complete opposite of the two videos that preceded it. Instead she made that night vision sex tape video and... that was that.

    She isn't savvy and she thinks she smarter than she is. I'm not calling her stupid - she's not. But she says a lot of stuff trying to sound enlightened and she comes off at best stupid, at worst offensive. Someone mentioned earlier that her outspokenness reminded them of Madonna. The difference though is Madonna was savvy and was smart when she was outspoken.*

    *Somewhere along the way Madonna has lost this but this isn't her thread.
  20. I can't place what Plastic Hearts the track pulls from and it's killing me.
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