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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Albeit I totally understand why it didn't. Sonically it would stand out and differ too much. As a bonus track it would have been ace though.
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  2. The intro is this, the beat is this, & the rest gives me a little Queens of the Stone Age.
  3. Angels Like You is absolutely stunning. Her vocals and the lyrics are both really strong, I hope it gets a single push.
  4. The "I've been livin' at the chateau" line is everything. Immaculate delivery.

    Definite hit potential for that song if she wants to extend the campaign beyond Angels Like You. Night Crawling could do alright as well.
  5. This is how I feel about like half of the album dd. It's like a mix and match of multiple influences that I can't quite place.

    Like WTF Do I Know sounds like a particular mid 00s pop-rock song, that's not Ashlee Simpson or any other artist mentioned in here yet I don't think but I can't figure it out, but then the "and I don't even miss you" part sounds like it's taken straight off Lovesong by The Cure. And I can't even enjoy the song because my brain goes all over the place.
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  6. Maneater is definitely what I was trying to place it as sounding like. Little too on the nose with the lifting of other songs but hey at least there’s some taste exhibited.
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  7. Oooo I love this! Will give it a try soon. Also this: "she imprinted on me hard as a young cig watching Hannah Montana on Disney Channel ddd." is a mood dddd, the same thing happened to me.

    About the "thinking it'd be good to have other features" thing, not only do Joan and Billy make sense with the album's sound and era it's referencing, but she knows both of them as well, so I'm sure that's part of why she wanted them as well.
  8. Parts of the melody to Plastic Hearts reminds me of Beyonce's Daddy Lessons. They aren't identical, but the "I've been California dreamin, plastic hearts are bleeding" part sounds a bit like "We rode motorcycles, black jack, classic vinyl".
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  9. “I just wanna feel...”
    “you make me feel like, I’ve been locked out of heaven.”
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  10. How is me suggesting that Shawn Mendes should hop onto a hypothetical single remix for a song to gain more exposure a ploy for “cold-blooded commercial viability”? Like, I even stated that he and Miley are friends, have performed together before, and he was originally on the album. The songs are obviously fine the way they are - but making suggestions to boost the success of an era isn’t destroying someone’s artistic integrity. Chill out.
  11. Miley would be really lucky to get an Abel collab though, both commercially and artistically.
  12. Yeah, but we don't need Abel's weird views on female sexuality intersecting with Miley, especially after what she said last year.
  13. Do they have beef? Ddd
  14. Dddd no I just mean that I wouldn't want someone who has strange views on female sexuality collabing with a queer female who had said something controversial regarding female sexuality last year.
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  15. Thank you!! That part specifically has wormed its way into my brain and I knew it reminded me of something, but I couldn’t place it until now.
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  16. It’s not a personal attack - surely you can see how incredibly dull a prospect it is to suggest a Shawn Mendes collab? Especially to other PJers? Removing the chosen guests for him (or Weeknd, who I like) is such a boring notion!
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  17. The drums at the beginning are very Toto & Peter Gabriel to me (like if you mixed the sounds of the percussion in In Your Eyes and Africa together and played them to the tune of Rosanna) but that's all I've got for this.
  18. Shawn Mendes was literally originally on a previous incarnation of the album.

    Discussing Shawn's possible inclusion isn't dirtying or disrespecting Miley's """"art""" - the idea of a Shawn collab WAS her art! dddd
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  19. It reminds me of Jonas Brothers and Good Charlotte nn

  20. Sam


    This whole album is a fucking triumph.

    The “hard as I try” and “I play with fire” ad-libs on Never Be Me are completely transporting me to something I enjoyed in my youth, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what.
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