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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Thank you for proving my point that your parasocial relationship with a child star is still leading you to have a reactionary response that conflates observations that could barely be considered mild forms of criticism with unfair hate that demands passionate defense.
  2. It is strange to see this continue to be a success even for me!

    The problem really is where do they go from here, singles released after the album are much harder to make a hit, I think a few more fun lyric videos would be good for some album tracks to test the waters a bit more to see if anything is naturally going to take off.

    Other than that it would probably be best to move onto a new song, I don’t think its unrealistic to think more was recorded around Midnight Sky and held back seeing as most the album is from the She Is era.
  3. time to promote night crawling sis
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  4. Nn I hope her dog passing away doesn’t end this album campaign like it did for Bangerz
  5. [​IMG]

    I was just being maybe a little too snarky but you needlessly typing an essay and tagging members while at it... you do you! Enjoy.
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  6. Very much who_said_that.gif

    I don’t even think Mildred herself expected this to be the case. The numbers have been massively above expectations considering the state of her career though.
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  7. GCZ


    Did anyone else notice another version of Sagittarius leaked the other day?
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  8. Do we know if she's filmed any more videos for the project or what the intended next single is? I'm a bit worried that they're just gonna let Plastic Hearts (the song) fade away when it seemed to be gaining momentum on its own. Prisoner is done, they need to put their weight behind something else with a video and a few performances, whether it's Plastic Hearts or Angels Like You.
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  9. Night Crawling solo.
  10. They need to keep pushing Prisoner until it becomes a cute top 20 hit tbh.
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  11. So you want them to never stop pushing it?

  12. Actually, Prisoner was set to reach a new peak in the Top 30 in early december but with the christmas songs flood the song just stayed at 50-60 area. If this was released just one week before, certainly would be another Top 15 hit for Miley in this era.
  14. Prisoner's streams are 100% on track with Midnight Sky though, still over 2m a day. She's a cute girl and she's doing great! 2020 commercial resurgence: still wikipedia-verified.
  15. Someone said a few pages back it would be Angels Like You, which sounds like most logical choice to me.
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  16. Now that's how you make a Top 20 hit!
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  17. She needs to push Angels Like You a) while it's still winter and b) especially now everyone's decided their in the mood for a power ballad.
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  18. I prefer Plastic Hearts but I agree that Angels Like You is the smartest choice of single.
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  19. No idea if this is true but someone on A*RL is saying that a “reliable insider” said an Angels Like You video is coming soon, she’s releasing another album this year


    she has a Bieber collab coming nn
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