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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. I dispute that logic because she had two songs which for a good 8 weeks post-album had pretty astonishing momentum for non-singles and were clearly just a small push away from becoming a hit.

    Angels is on 60m+ streams! The idea that investing in a video or remixes was too risky for the label is laughable. Let's call it what it is - either she's too lazy to promote or there are internal politics blocking her. But financial risk could not be one of them. Popping up on Fallon or Kimmel or shooting a performance video on the literal stage set in your back garden costs almost nothing.
  2. I’m just giving another opinion on why they might not move ahead - I’m not claiming to know or understand the situation best.

    Also I don’t think anyone can discount that spending money is a consideration when RCA seem to be one of the smaller major labels in the industry?
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  3. RMK


    Prisoner isn't lighting up the charts, but it's definitely propelled the album and can be considered a win for her. I honestly thought they were just waiting for it to finish up (potentially go further on radio), or choosing between the title track and Angels.
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  4. Snippet of a scrapped version of Prisoner with Shawn Mendes:

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  5. She’s just signed with Columbia Records!
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  6. About time!
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  7. Glad she's out of RCA; sad that Plastic Hearts is confirmed dead.
  8. Yeah, the album deserved a couple more singles.
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  9. Poor Angels Like You, but this seems like a great move for her.
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  10. In theory could she not just re-vocal Angels, call it a 'single mix' and put it out on Columbia?
  11. Where there murmurs of this? It seems so abrupt, especially in the midst of an era. Although I guess the era was already over, we just didn't know it.
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  12. RIP “Gimme What I Want”. Your existence was everything.
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  13. Glad to hear she’s out of RCA! I’m guessing this is the last nail in the coffin for the Plastic Hearts era though?
  14. Thank god she has left RCA.
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  15. Glad she has left RCA.

    Plastic Hearts deserved so much better though, I really thought she was invested this time.
  16. Glad to see her get away from RCA

    But RIP potential career-highlight single Angels Like You
  17. So... Plastic Hearts is over?
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