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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Her Lolla set was perfect, in my opinion. Maybe one or two less covers but for that crowd and the event, I thought it worked.
  2. The way that Angels Like You and the title track were organically picking up momentum… and she just kind of sat on them and did nothing. She deserves this weird commercial limbo she’s in now.
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  3. I want to believe that the fact that she didn't record a proper video for Angels Like You and Plastic Hearts was about the label-switching issue. She even released a lyric video and the Backyard video for Plastic Hearts and made that improvised video for Angels. What I think that is the major problem here is this endless cover situation, when she did Heart of Glass and Zombie was a momentum and especial, now its kinda boring.
  4. BTG


    The worst part with all the covers is that the best one was her performance of Communication on the Backyard Sessions, which got zero love.

    Meanwhile, she roared her way through Heart of Glass, the GP ate it up and it set the tone for the era from there on. Shouting her way through a Mazzy Star song? Sis.
  5. Me and my Spotify Local Files disagree!
  6. RMK


    I understand needing to ditch RCA as soon as possible, but it sucks so much material was wasted in the process. It always seemed most beneficial for artists and labels to finish out campaigns before parting ways.
  7. Isn't RCA (and Miley) allergic to the idea of releasing more than 3 singles? Can't imagine things going really different even if they stayed together. Angels Like You was a nice surprise already.

    Of course I wish we lived in the simulation where Midnight Sky - Prisoner - Plastic Hearts - Angels Like You - Gimme What I Want were all cute top30 singles (and she didn't put her foot in her mouth every 6 months) but... hard times.
  8. "Right Hand Man", yet another outtake from "SHE IS MILEY CYRUS", recently surfaced. It's okay, but definitely sounds like a demo.

    Seems like the only known song from that era (even though it wasn't intended for her album) that hasn't leaked yet is "Queen of My Generation". She can definitely keep that one.
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  9. It should be “playing album tracks no one has heard”.
  10. "songs by old people"

    Way to endear yourself to the artists whose songs you've hollered through girl!
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  11. Hmmm’t.

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  12. Still recovering from her condescend during her entire performance of Heaven Or Las Vegas.
  13. defending Dababy when she's super close to Lil Nas X
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  14. The way she keeps going on about hamburgers and steaks dd... not sure what will come next after dressing up as Black culture, vegan queer stoner, MAGA-lite, and now Boomer rock chick
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  15. That's a stunning picture of her.
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  16. Some of the songs in the worst list are nice songs, but good to see Que Sera hate dd
  17. Not this again.
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